Friday, 2 August 2013

Kos: Day Eight

So the official last day was upon us! I was slightly sad to leave the sea and the care free attitude on holiday but so excited to get back to see my family and celebrate my birthday with them. We woke up early-ish to finish packing etc and coz I'm an early bird I popped off to the supermarket to get some stamps for the postcards I was sending to my family (old tradition!). One thing I realised was how quite it was without all the holiday makers! There were a few market stalls in the square selling fresh fish and fruit and veg and loads of Greek people doing their shopping, made me feel like a local, even though my pale skin said otherwise!

I haven't really got any photos on the last day as we didn't do much! But I thought I'd share my favourite photos of the week:

It all looks so beautiful and blue!

I thought I'd add in this photo, as it proves to you guys how much I really didn't want to get bitten! I pretty much slept like this most nights but totally regretted it after the little buggers when for my face :( 

If you're going on holiday, ENJOY YOURSELF!
Take loads of suncream and some mosquito repellent might come in handy!

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Loved your Kos posts! Got me all excited for my holibobs now (although I'm a loser and am going with 'rents, not pals haha) xxx

    1. Thank you... glad someone did :) You're not a loser, atleast the parents pay for everything! haha xxx

  2. ahhh looks amazing! and I'm literally the same when it comes to Mosquitos- makes me feel all shivery just thinking about the buggers! xx

    1. It wass :) I think there should definitely be an extensive extermination of them! xx


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