Thursday, 29 August 2013


A-Taupe the Space Needle and A Colour to Diner For

So a while back I ordered a year long subscription to Glamour Magazine, which came with free OPI nail polishes, but they didn't arrive until I recently called them to complain and they sent me these! Oh I do love a good freebie!! Don't they have strange names though?! The browny colour isn't exactly something I'd go for, but I'm yet to try it out. I'd literally describe it as a mud shade, but perhaps it looks better once actually painted?! As you can see I'm currently wearing the red shade, my camera is a bit poo without any natural light (teaches me to not paint my nails at half eight and expect the photos to come out well), anyway it's a deep red burgundy colour with a glitter and shimmery tint, a kinda common shade in the winter months. Needless to say that despite being a girl, I'm useless at painting my nails. When I was taking these photos I managed to smudge a nail against the camera and then gloop too much onto the nail so it's a lot darker than the rest :( I swear it's much easier being a boy some days....

Hope you're having a great week and thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. That's bad you had to chase them up on your freebies! These are nice, everyday colours though xxx


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