Monday, 5 August 2013


Top and Shoes: New Look
Jeans: M&S

Howdy all! How are we today? I'm pretty knackered after a long hard day at work, each time my list seems to be getting longer and longer :( But I shouldn't be complaining, it's all money at the end of the day! After work I moped around the house a bit, sorting out bits and bobs then I decided to go out for a run, just before it started raining, that was my run over and done with! Monday night's TV night includes a Channel 4 dispatches programme about how brands get celebs to tweet to promote brands and how people in India are paid to use fake accounts to constantly like brands too. Watching it makes me realise how powerful social media is nowadays and what extent companies will go to to make sales, misleading and immoral! Now onto 90210, a secret guilty pleasure (only America soap I watch.... I think! haha)

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!

Rhiannon xxx

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