Thursday, 15 August 2013

Diary of an average A-Level Student

It probably kicks in about a week before results day that your future has been decided already, that your top university knows whether you’re in or not. You start panicking about what’ll happen if you don’t get in or you have to go to your second choice university. Needless to say, being a student has its ups and downs. My exams felt like a millennia ago, pushed to the far back of my mind with memories of writing something different to your friends or doing the wrong question. I pretty much have no memory of what happened that week, with the point of never remembering either. The night before begins with my nerves starting to get to me, “What if there are no car parking spaces? What happens if the school burns down? What will happen if there’s a massive world apocalypse?” Waiting for something that big is a pain, seeing that it’s 2am on my clock makes sleep an even bigger stranger to me. Waking up to realise that today is the day where it could go horribly wrong or brilliantly good, didn’t help when inhaling my breakfast. Of course I’m one of the first students in the car park (obviously didn’t need to worry about that…) which puts me at slight ease, especially after seeing numerous ‘good luck’ messages from friends and family. The only thing that could go wrong now is tripping over and breaking my nose or falling down a drain, both are fairly likely. As I approach the school, the unnatural smiles from the teachers as they line up to give you your results doesn’t exactly help either. The next problem is actually opening the envelope, easy for a normal human being but a monstrous task with your future printed in capital letters, telling you whether you’ve made it. ENGLISH LITERATURE B, MEDIA STUDIES B and HISTORY C. I’d actually done it, I had got into my top university to do Multimedia Journalism. With the email from Bournemouth University and UCAS actually confirming my place, it began to sink in. Within a month I’d be out of this place and along a sunny beach with journalism students like me. An ecstatic call from my parents, sister and brother later, I could actually celebrate my results, with the most expensive sandwich in Sainsburys (I’m still a student you know…) In the end, exam results aren’t actually the be all and end all of in the grand scheme of things, you’ve just got to take opportunities life throws you and hope you’ll get to where you want to be in the end.   


  1. Well done with your exam results!! I got a C in history too!! x


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