Monday, 19 August 2013


Jacket and Shoes: New Look
Dress: Forever 21

Today was not a good day. Waking up feeling like a piece of poo, didn't help :( I don't know whether working every day, either at my actual job or work experience, since the 1st August doing full day shifts has probably caught up me. I only had one article to actually do today, but each time I sent it to my editor is wasn't good enough. I mean, I know why he wants it to be good etc but I don't feel that I'm that experienced to be able to do one of the main stories all by myself, plus all the stuff I've written, they've changed anyway! Either way he kept pushing me to get more, even though I had already called the guy four times that day and got all that I could have out of him. After I ignored his final email, thinking that its the best I can do so like it or lump it, I got another article to do with a super sweet girl who was doing some charity work so it was nice to talk to someone friendly! 

By the time it got to finishing time, I was building the courage to go over and face my editor and ask him to go (so scary with all the men there, judging you and the bitchy girls of the office looking you up and down!) I manage to get my foot caught in the chair and it fell over, with pretty much most of the guys laughing. It's actually really weird to find an office like that so quiet! All you can here is keyboards tapping away. Anyway by that point my eyes were filling with tears and I literally just wanted to run out there, which I think he let me after seeing my face and probably my work! Not wanting to cry in public, I practically ran to my car with my sunglasses on and had a good cry in my car. Coz sometimes you need it! God knows how I managed to get home! Ah well, guess that's just how it goes!

Rhiannon xxx

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