Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Lovin'

Rain one day then sun the next, I'm so confused!! I did manage to get out into town for a little bit to pick up a few bits and bobs for the summer, enjoy!
Bikini: Primark (Top £4 Bottoms £3)
I haven't worn a bikini or swimsuit in about three years, so all of mine are a bit old and lost their elasticity :( I did see this online a few weeks ago before I went shopping to Brighton but they had sold out, luckily my local town Crawley had some left, although they were chucked into the sale/reject pile, so it took a bit of searching. Thank God for my mums nosey personality, otherwise we wouldn't have found the top to match! There is a little cut out section in the middle of the top, which I'm hoping won't give me any weird tan lines!

Nivea Q10 Body Lotion: Wilkinsons (£3 something)
My favourite daily body lotion, not too greasy but super moisturising. I alternate between this and any body butters I have from Christmas presents (On my last one now!). Wilkinsons is soooo cheap for beauty products, nearly everything is half the price of what you'd get charged in boots or superdrug, so I go there first to buy the essentials then anything else in boots!

Simple Cleansing Lotion and Facial Wash: Asda (£2 and £3)
Another cheap place to get your beauty products!  My skin can sometimes be a little unpredictable, but Simple seems to be good at controlling my skin and not being too harsh. Being a bit of a natural product freak, I don't like too many chemicals and ingredients which are harsh on my skin, so Simple is my to-go skin care product!

Highlighters: Wilkinson (£1.10)
Pens: Asda (£2)
Ooohh how exciting! This is in prep from college or whatever I'm doing after the summer, got my Zara Office City bag and now the tools! All of my highlighters have either run out or dried out after a hectic revision time :( I find that Bic pens are the most comfortable for me but THE most expensive, they're just  pens! Also writing in black is just weird for me, although it doesn't help when exams come around and all I have is blue pens!

Shoes: New Look (£22.50 with Student Discount)
Ahhhhh... how pretty! They match my sixth form prom dress, even though they're high for me and I practically can't walk in them! Even so wedges are  A LOT easier to walk in than heels, so I better get practising! Can't wait to actually wear my dress, although chances are that I'll spill something down it, same as last time, will I ever learn?!!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love Wilkinson's for beauty stuff too! Your shoes are super cute, such bargains as well xxx

    1. They're surprisingly cheap! Thank you :) xxx


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