Monday, 8 July 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #20

Sorry for the belated post this week! After watching the tennis final, then Limitless (Moral of that film is to take drugs to enhance your chances in life) and Bend it Like Beckham, always wanted to watch it, (Moral of that film is to play football) I ran out of time to do anything before sleep in prep for working all day today!
Anyway..... better late than never!

Image from Daily Mail

After the whole getting arrested business Tulisa hid away for a while and has recently reemerged looking a lot more made up and fresher faced! In my opinion she looks a little bit plastic doll-like (maybe that was the look she was going for) but her lips look fake and just weird. They always say a good make over perks you up!

This weather lady does not look amused! Wendy Hurrell was catch rolling her eyes after a weather report last week, apparently it was because she wasn't able to see any of the graphics. Either way it's probably best not to let your opinions or feelings known whilst being recorded, even if she wasn't suppose to be filmed. Guess she's learnt her lesson!

Image from The Mirror

So this week Frankie Sandford (from The Saturdays) revealed that she is due to have a baby boy! After bandmate Mollie King let it slip, Frankie posted a picture of cute baby boy clothes. I remember when she was part of S Club Juniors, definitely one of my favourites! Hope she has a happy pregnancy!

If you haven't seen this video of Kate Hopkin's interview on this morning, you HAVE to see it! One of the funniest, most ridiculous things I've ever seen! Needless to say that she is totally wrong, how stupid is she?!

Image from The Telegraph

Of course I wouldn't have forgotten Andy Murray's amazing win this Sunday! It seems that most of the country was on edge as he won in straight sets. It definitely felt like another Olympic moment, with the kind of proud jelly feeling in your stomach. It's also a bit weird how he won on the 7th July (7/7) 77 years after the last British winner... ooohh... spooky! Definitely not going to forget that moment in a long time.

Well that's all folks! Hope you enjoy your week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Oh dear, I thought that picture of Tulisa was an image from a game or something, she's not looking her best! Glad I'm not the only one who saw Kate Hopkins and came to the conclusion she's an idiot!! lol x

  2. Holly made me laugh on This Morning 'Oh stop it right now!' haha! xxx


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