Friday, 5 July 2013

Review: Man of Steel

So last week me and my friend Kamila popped off to our local cinema to watch the new Superman film, Man of Steel. I'll admit that I didn't really know all the details, Big Bang Theory and general storylines were all that I knew, even so I quite liked the Batman and Spiderman films so I expected something similar. Afterwards Kamila went through the details that I didn't know as she had watched the Smallville TV series, which helped me understand it!! I'll say this it was VERY LONG, every time you thought it had finished it carried on! However Henry Cavill wasn't exactly the worse person to look at....

I'd definitely recommend people go see it if they like all the super hero films and if they like seeing gorgeous men in tight tight Lycra suits! Although I wouldn't necessarily buy it when it comes out on DVD, it was good to see something out of my usual comfort zone.

I also wanted to share with you guys my ticket/any memorabilia book. I did use it as a diary once, but then it became full of tickets from the cinema, gigs and festivals, any holiday tickets and anything else really! I do have a box which I keep all the stuff that won't fit in this diary coz it's always nice to go through it looking at all the stuff I used to do, really shows how quickly time goes!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I really wanna see this! I have a book like that too, it's good to look back in! xxx

    1. Go go!! It's such a nice thing to look back on :) xxx


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