Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kos: Day Two

After a pretty good lie-in, much deserved after the flight and time zone difference, we headed down to the pool for the morning then off to explore the beach. Hands down the beach was 100% nicer to be than the pool, it was a lot calmer and I didn't feel as self concious there than I did at the pool!

The sea was so clear and blue, you could see the fishys!! Although you didn't have to go that far out to be up to your neck. Swimming was a bit of an effort after not doing it for so long, I forgot what strokes to do! I think I did a cross between a doggy paddle and a breast stroke! Haha

So this was our first night out with the reps. Suitably called Safari, as it was apparently a 'jungle' out there. So they took us around a few bars, before the free one hour bar (what's not to like about that?!) which meant a lot of downing our drinks quickly for a refill! This was also the day I got sunburnt :( no surprise for fair skinned me! It was right by my bikini bottoms line and the centre of my bikini where I had missed a patch, least to say it was slightly painful that night!

Apply suncream like no tomorrow. I didn't feel like I was burnt until a lot later on and now I regret it (ugly bubble blistering is all I have to show for a tan!)
Do take advantage of the freebies on the events the reps have on. It does save you money, even though it gets you drunk a lot quicker.....

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Wahhh how have I missed your posts? Sorry! Glad you had a fab holiday and happy belated birthday too! xxx

    1. Ahh, no worries! Thank you muchly :D xxx


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