Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kos: Day Three

Another day full of the beach, playing with a tennis ball we found floating in the sea (honest....) and a few drinking games to get us in the mood after the previous night's disappointment. The bar crawl had taken ages, to the point when we were discussing about going back to the hotel drinking our own stuff then meeting them at the free bar. However, the Full Moon Party on the Saturday offered a bit more than the night before. A free t-shirt (everyone likes a freebie) and a free two hour bar by the beach. Needless to say I happily sipped on Sex on the Beaches for the rest of the evening.

Make the best of situations. Even though the night before left a bad impression of the reps, I think we made use of the free bar and enjoyed ourselves.
Don't be afraid to talk to strangers. I'm not the best at talking to randomers but we met a ton of people that night. Some from Liverpool and Glasgow, who were encouraging us to smoke certain things (I didn't care into peer pressure btw!) which I would also NOT advise but it was definitely interesting to experience and understand other people's lifestyles. 

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Rhiannon xx

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