Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kos: Day Six

Another day by the beach, although this would be our last one of this holiday! My sunburn on my legs had finally gone down a bit so I didn't have to wear shorts the whole time. We rounded off the day with a few school games of handstands, cartwheels and rolly pollys, you would've never had guessed we were all 18!

Getting ready to go out again.....after playing another drinking game we had cocktails and bars on our minds!

Aww, group photo! The people at the bar were so sweet, typical Greek friendliness. I remember I had a Coconut Surprise (Malibu, Sprite, Vanilla ice cream and something else!) but I wasn't feeling that well that night and the drink was quite strong even after they offered to diluted it a bit. The barman made me another drink which he said is a lot 'fresher', I had no idea what it was but it tasted so good! It was a fruit ice smoothie of some sort but he wouldn't tell me what was in it! Even so it was so generous of him to make me another drink for free :)

After I went back early and got some chips with mayonnaise on the way, the others came back a bit later and me and Emily took a few selfies with Shannons Pooh bear, which she wasn't that impressed with after she found out that all of us had had pictures with him!

Take lots of photos, I've got a massive album of photos that I want printed!
Pace yourself.... Feeling ill on holiday is not fun.
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

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