Monday, 29 July 2013

Kos: Day Four

Officially known as Queen Rhiannon day.....well worth having you 18th on holiday I must say.
Start off with the late lie-in after the previous nights Full Moon Party and then opening my parents present (the Pandora ring) mum had sneaked into my bag, along with the usual cat card.

Then it was off to the beach for the usual sunbathing and swim in the sea, which is so refreshing after a long night before! I then came back to find my bed covered in 18th balloons, a 18th banner behind my bed and Aby and Shannon exploding the party poppers as I walked in, a bit of a surprise needless to say! After another drinking game, we then got glammed up for a sophisticated dinner along the harbour, which included a free Sex on the Beach for everyone as it was my birthday (oh the freebies....), although the overbearing waiter was a little annoying, however he did convince a guy from another table to come and talk to us (he said that they were checking us out..... exactly what he had said to the guy but with us checking him out!), who looked a lot like a better version of Tom Daley and just as brown, plus it was strange that he only lived about half an hour away from us!

Pretty photo of us at the harbour.

After a lovely dinner, we went off to a bar, Vibe, which we had liked from the bar crawl the other night and ordered drinks and shots.

These skittle shots (in the picture) were a strange idea, I've never heard of them but the others said it was good! I didn't actually have any, after some strong rose wine at dinner, a cocktail, shots and a Malibu and coke, I wasn't feeling anymore really...

Me and Shaggs trying to squeeze in the 18th banner!

I was pretty pooped after a long day! It was definitely a great experience of drinking at different bars and clubs before I came back home, but I doubt they're going to live up to my expectations now! 

Know your drinking limit. Best to know before you throw up your dinner!
Take advantage of birthday freebies. A cocktail and shot of ouzo wasn't going to be refused.

Thanks for reading!!

Rhiannon xxx

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