Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kos: Day Five

So the usual start, lie-in after a late night before and toast for brekkie. We decided that today would be the best day to go shopping and give us a break from the beach, we'd practically set up camp there! We bought all our presents for the family and friends back home, and a few bits for ourselves too. My mum got a jar of Greek honey, dad got two bars of nougat (disgusting if you ask me!), brother got a bottle of Greek ouzo, kinda like sambuca but worst, my sister got a pair of cute candle holders and Pez sweets and finally her boyfriend got a bar of Milka and Pez too. For those who don't know what Pez are it's just sweets in a cool container that I've only seen abroad and that we used to get as kids. I got a photo to show you a little better!

Image from Collecting Pez (yes there is a website for that... and an auction too)

After that we all got ready to go out again but we fancied cocktails before going to the bars and clubs again.

This is my creepy I've-got-a-cocktail look btw. My first Woo Woo! Not the best, wayy too strong for me! Most of our cocktails for the week seemed so strong, maybe they think the British can stomach it?! After this photo a Greek old man, possibly the owner or family member or something came over to us and said 'Hello baby. You're looking gorgeous' just imagine it in a really strong Greek accent and then you can imagine our faces!

Yes I am trying to eat the cocktail.....

Don't try to eat the cocktails....
Save money for presents at the end, budget well basically!

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

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