Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kos: Day Six

Another day by the beach, although this would be our last one of this holiday! My sunburn on my legs had finally gone down a bit so I didn't have to wear shorts the whole time. We rounded off the day with a few school games of handstands, cartwheels and rolly pollys, you would've never had guessed we were all 18!

Getting ready to go out again.....after playing another drinking game we had cocktails and bars on our minds!

Aww, group photo! The people at the bar were so sweet, typical Greek friendliness. I remember I had a Coconut Surprise (Malibu, Sprite, Vanilla ice cream and something else!) but I wasn't feeling that well that night and the drink was quite strong even after they offered to diluted it a bit. The barman made me another drink which he said is a lot 'fresher', I had no idea what it was but it tasted so good! It was a fruit ice smoothie of some sort but he wouldn't tell me what was in it! Even so it was so generous of him to make me another drink for free :)

After I went back early and got some chips with mayonnaise on the way, the others came back a bit later and me and Emily took a few selfies with Shannons Pooh bear, which she wasn't that impressed with after she found out that all of us had had pictures with him!

Take lots of photos, I've got a massive album of photos that I want printed!
Pace yourself.... Feeling ill on holiday is not fun.
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

So here's some clothes that I don't need but I bought anyway.....

Yes, it's my little shopping haul from yesterday. It was the first time since my birthday I've been shopping, so armed with vouchers, birthday money and an umbrella I was ready to go.

New Look first...

 Jumper: £14.99

New Look jumpers have always been a favourite of mine, although most of the time you'd find cheap alternatives in other shops but not with the same quality. I expected it to be itchy and rough but it's actually super comfortable and cosy! I wasn't meant to try this on but I took a few of my friends clothes into the changing room with me coz she had too much and ended up sneakily trying it on....

Dress: £9.99

There's been so many different versions of this dress in nearly all of the high street shops, so I finally caved in and bought one myself! I chose the grey as it's a more wearable colour in the summer and winter, a plus for me. For the quality of it, the price is a lot lower than I expected! I'm already planning to wear it with tights, knee high boots and my khaki jacket.

And then Primark

Top: £8

I'm not a massive Rolling Stones fan but I do love a good T-shirt dress and when they come this soft and cheap, what's not to love?! I'm thinking of wearing this over leggings with wellies and a raincoat when I go to Reading. It'll feature in tomorrow's OOTD post and probably future posts as I'm never taking it off it's so comfortable! haha Obviously it will get washed....

Shirt: £10

My most expensive purchase from Primark out of this haul but possibly my favourite! Cute colour, polka dots and cropped, what's not to love?! At the moment it's looking very creased, so I can see that I'm going to be ironing this a lot but I hope it'll be worth it in the end :)

Dress: £8
The worst dress to get into but the most prettiest. I struggle to get into a 10, which is normally fine for me. It doesn't help that it's kinda silk material which doesn't have any stretch and the zip is dodgy, even so I think the pattern, shape and price well makes up for it. In the summer I might wear it with sandals and a denim jacket, then tights and boots in the winter, sorted!

Face Masks: Superdrug (4 for 3, 99p each)
I bought one of these on a whim agesssss ago and it finally ran out this week after I've been using the tiniest amounts and wrapping it up in clingfilm to save it (thrifty, I know) It smells so fruity and cleans my skin amazingly well, making it feel tighter and showing up a lot less pores than before. I'd 100% recommend these masks or any of the other Superdrug ones, the self-heating ones are quite fun!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I finally got an iPhone! After researching the best deals etc the iPhone 4 seemed the best one to begin with, although the signal is pretty crappy like it was before, I do love having a new phone! Now to search through the internet for a good phone cover....

I also got a few bras from the H&M sale but I think it's a bit weird putting them up on here! They were actually a lot cheaper than what they had said they were, which is always a bonus for me. And they're super pretty floral and lace patterns, I am a girl you know!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kos: Day Five

So the usual start, lie-in after a late night before and toast for brekkie. We decided that today would be the best day to go shopping and give us a break from the beach, we'd practically set up camp there! We bought all our presents for the family and friends back home, and a few bits for ourselves too. My mum got a jar of Greek honey, dad got two bars of nougat (disgusting if you ask me!), brother got a bottle of Greek ouzo, kinda like sambuca but worst, my sister got a pair of cute candle holders and Pez sweets and finally her boyfriend got a bar of Milka and Pez too. For those who don't know what Pez are it's just sweets in a cool container that I've only seen abroad and that we used to get as kids. I got a photo to show you a little better!

Image from Collecting Pez (yes there is a website for that... and an auction too)

After that we all got ready to go out again but we fancied cocktails before going to the bars and clubs again.

This is my creepy I've-got-a-cocktail look btw. My first Woo Woo! Not the best, wayy too strong for me! Most of our cocktails for the week seemed so strong, maybe they think the British can stomach it?! After this photo a Greek old man, possibly the owner or family member or something came over to us and said 'Hello baby. You're looking gorgeous' just imagine it in a really strong Greek accent and then you can imagine our faces!

Yes I am trying to eat the cocktail.....

Don't try to eat the cocktails....
Save money for presents at the end, budget well basically!

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

Rejoice, jeans are back!!

Jacket: Primark
Top and Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: New Look

Howdy all! Pretty miserable day (I know I've been wanting rain and cold again, so I won't complain!) but it did give me the chance to wear jeans again, yay! I spent the day shopping with my friend who I haven't seen in aggeesssss. Although my morning didn't get off to the best of starts, woke up late, then had to help my mum feed our neighbours 30 guinea pigs which I am super allergic to and I kept forgetting stuff then running back in from the car which made me late out the door then :(

But..... shopping turned my whole day around, like it always does. First off we spotted parking for the whole day for £2.50, pretty cheap in my area! Then I spent my birthday money and vouchers, I didn't go crazy but it felt soo good after so long. I also got my first phone contract and got an iPhone!! Needless to say I've been playing on it way too much! Hence the reason why this post is so late, you give a girl a new phone and off she goes... I'm going to do a haul post tomorrow of all my goodies, bet you can't wait now! God it better not look crap now... haha

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Rhiannon xx

Monday, 29 July 2013

Kos: Day Four

Officially known as Queen Rhiannon day.....well worth having you 18th on holiday I must say.
Start off with the late lie-in after the previous nights Full Moon Party and then opening my parents present (the Pandora ring) mum had sneaked into my bag, along with the usual cat card.

Then it was off to the beach for the usual sunbathing and swim in the sea, which is so refreshing after a long night before! I then came back to find my bed covered in 18th balloons, a 18th banner behind my bed and Aby and Shannon exploding the party poppers as I walked in, a bit of a surprise needless to say! After another drinking game, we then got glammed up for a sophisticated dinner along the harbour, which included a free Sex on the Beach for everyone as it was my birthday (oh the freebies....), although the overbearing waiter was a little annoying, however he did convince a guy from another table to come and talk to us (he said that they were checking us out..... exactly what he had said to the guy but with us checking him out!), who looked a lot like a better version of Tom Daley and just as brown, plus it was strange that he only lived about half an hour away from us!

Pretty photo of us at the harbour.

After a lovely dinner, we went off to a bar, Vibe, which we had liked from the bar crawl the other night and ordered drinks and shots.

These skittle shots (in the picture) were a strange idea, I've never heard of them but the others said it was good! I didn't actually have any, after some strong rose wine at dinner, a cocktail, shots and a Malibu and coke, I wasn't feeling anymore really...

Me and Shaggs trying to squeeze in the 18th banner!

I was pretty pooped after a long day! It was definitely a great experience of drinking at different bars and clubs before I came back home, but I doubt they're going to live up to my expectations now! 

Know your drinking limit. Best to know before you throw up your dinner!
Take advantage of birthday freebies. A cocktail and shot of ouzo wasn't going to be refused.

Thanks for reading!!

Rhiannon xxx


Shirt: Topshop
T-shirt Dress: H&M

Howdy all! Bit of a lazy day today, worked all day as we're so busy it's unreal at the moment. Perfect timing to take two weeks off for work experience, no wonder my bosses don't like me! Haha. I adore how comfortable and versatile this dress is, I'll admit I did put a pair of leggings on afterwards as it suddenly got cold (what a surprise for the British weather!) but I can defiantly wear this in the winter too with tights and boots. Already thinking (and dreaming) about when I can wear scarves, jeans and boots again... 

Like the good daughter I am, I uploaded all of mums 100+ pictures yesterday afternoon and then put them into corresponding folders, totally deserved that bit of birthday chocolate just now. As the mother is out tonight and dad is on his way back from work I'm thinking of getting into the bath before anyone else does! Although spending more than 15 minutes in there makes me start to feel unclean again, coz you're like cleaning in your own filth... not just me is it?!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kos: Day Three

Another day full of the beach, playing with a tennis ball we found floating in the sea (honest....) and a few drinking games to get us in the mood after the previous night's disappointment. The bar crawl had taken ages, to the point when we were discussing about going back to the hotel drinking our own stuff then meeting them at the free bar. However, the Full Moon Party on the Saturday offered a bit more than the night before. A free t-shirt (everyone likes a freebie) and a free two hour bar by the beach. Needless to say I happily sipped on Sex on the Beaches for the rest of the evening.

Make the best of situations. Even though the night before left a bad impression of the reps, I think we made use of the free bar and enjoyed ourselves.
Don't be afraid to talk to strangers. I'm not the best at talking to randomers but we met a ton of people that night. Some from Liverpool and Glasgow, who were encouraging us to smoke certain things (I didn't care into peer pressure btw!) which I would also NOT advise but it was definitely interesting to experience and understand other people's lifestyles. 

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xx

Rhiannon's Raving Report #22

Another exciting week for us all...

Image from: The Mirror

Yayyy, Andrew Marr is back is presenting after suffering a stroke. His recovery involved 2 months in hospital and physiotherapy to help him walk again, which he has said 'has brought us (his wife and himself) more closely together' Awww, isn't that sweet?! By the way, I don't have a major crush on him or anything, it's just when you've watched countless history programs with him in it, you kinda feel sympathy for him when you realise that he's suffered a major stroke. Either way, Congrats on coming back Marr!

Image from The Guardian

And the rain is back..... After coming back from a 35+ degree holiday I'm pretty chuffed to see the rain again! The summer is just one long and uncomfortable season. Thunder storms are just the best to watch too, so pretty (if you can describe it like that!) Plus I can't wait to wear my black skinny jeans again, it's bee too long! 

Image from BBC Sport

So this week/weekend has hosted the London Anniversary Games! That year has gone very quickly then.... it seems weird but I can remember where I watched some of the events and what I blogged too! That old sense of pride washes over you as you watch. Yesterday relived the Super Saturday from last year, even though Mo Farah didn't beat the British record he did beat his personal best, Well Done Mo (impromptu Mobot celebration)

Image from The Mirror

Of course I couldn't forget the new royal baby, George! A good name for a royal male, in my opinion. I wasn't here to hear about the birth or anything, so when my mum told me (probably the third thing she said after Hello and How was your flight!) I knew that the press would be all over this, with bets on names, the queens comments and the nursery decorations. Already this little baby is going to grow up with the whole country's support and he doesn't even know it!

I know this isn't technically 'news' but I had to add it in, as I've been listening to it non-stop! Although it's not my usual type of music, once you get into it, it's pretty good!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kos: Day Two

After a pretty good lie-in, much deserved after the flight and time zone difference, we headed down to the pool for the morning then off to explore the beach. Hands down the beach was 100% nicer to be than the pool, it was a lot calmer and I didn't feel as self concious there than I did at the pool!

The sea was so clear and blue, you could see the fishys!! Although you didn't have to go that far out to be up to your neck. Swimming was a bit of an effort after not doing it for so long, I forgot what strokes to do! I think I did a cross between a doggy paddle and a breast stroke! Haha

So this was our first night out with the reps. Suitably called Safari, as it was apparently a 'jungle' out there. So they took us around a few bars, before the free one hour bar (what's not to like about that?!) which meant a lot of downing our drinks quickly for a refill! This was also the day I got sunburnt :( no surprise for fair skinned me! It was right by my bikini bottoms line and the centre of my bikini where I had missed a patch, least to say it was slightly painful that night!

Apply suncream like no tomorrow. I didn't feel like I was burnt until a lot later on and now I regret it (ugly bubble blistering is all I have to show for a tan!)
Do take advantage of the freebies on the events the reps have on. It does save you money, even though it gets you drunk a lot quicker.....

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

Birthday Celebrations

So today was my belated birthday party with my family, not exactly the best weather for it! My aunties and uncles came over, with one of my aunties bring here granddaughter with her who I haven't seen in ages! I got vouchers and money from everyone, which I'm pretty pleased about as it means I can go shoppppiinnggg! Here's some photos from today:

My sister made me the HUGE cake, even after people ate some and took some home we might have to freeze a bit! Right now I'm feeling pretty cream crackered after a long day at work with a new person and making lots of yummy food in prep for my fam-a-lam coming, so I think bed is in order for my busy week ahead!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 26 July 2013

Kos: Day One

So it started at 6:30am on Thursday 18th July. We only live about 10 minutes away from the airport which is so handy when travelling coz I've known people to be travelling for hours to get to the airport to then have a long haul flight ( my worse nightmare!)

After being searched at security (at least one person in my family gets searched every time, we must look dodgy or something!) and a Boots meal deal bought for the plane we found out that our flight was delayed due to technical faults with the plane.

Some educational reading whilst waiting for more info about our gate.

 Finally on the plane! I'm not one for plane journeys, feeling cramped and dehydrated makes me feel awful, but it was about 3 1/2 hours so wasn't too bad. 

I should probably introduce everyone. Going from the back row from the left it's Shannon, Me, Emily, Kamila and Aby (She's gonna hate me for putting this photo up!).

Once we got there we realised how tiny the airport is. There's only on baggage reclaim belt and the whole room was about the size of a school hall. Luckily mine came pretty quickly and we didn't have to wait long for the coach to come and take us to the hotel. Once we got there the reps came up to our rooms and spoke to us about the events they were holding that week, we didn't do them all thank God, because it was actually quite expensive and seemed like we'd be pretty tired and dead by the end of the week. After that we popped down to the beach for a moonlit stroll then got food and drink from the supermarket, as we were self-catering. We didn't get the air con, which meant we left the balcony doors open, resulting in a ton of insect bites I wasn't expecting. All in all I was pretty tired but happy that I was finally there and couldn't wait to get into the pool!

  1. Use insect repellent. Otherwise you will get bitten and it won't look pretty.
  2. Bring loads of stuff to do on the plane. They're the worst places to be if you have nothing to do!
  3. Don't feel pressured by the reps to buy all the events they do. In hindsight it's cheaper to do it your own way, depending on what they're offering. Also we found out that most of the places they take you to are owned by the company they work for and the drinks were more expensive than we were expecting. 

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

I'm backkk!!!

Dress: H&M

Yayyy! I'm so glad to be back to blogging, although I am missing actually being on holiday and not having to worry or do anything, it's good to be back. Excuse my no make-up and tired face, it didn't look that bad on the camera! I've literally slept all day, then caught up on my 100+ emails, blogs and other bits. I've manage to come back with about 9 bites, 4 of them on my face and a cough which makes my throat so sore :( Whilst I was away it was my 18th birthday! Finally an adult! So when I got home I found my presents and cards from friends and family so I thought I'd share it with you!

So my mum and dad got me the Soap and Glory bits, the chocolate, books, the super pretty jewellery box and a Pandora ring (stacked with my plain ring in the last photo). They know me too well!! Our family friend got me the earrings and necklace, which are gorgeous and I know that they'll be perfect for special occasions! Other than that it's mostly money and vouchers for family and friends, I really do appreciate every single thing my family and friends give me. I know some bloggers worry about bragging about what they've been bought, so I was a little apprehensive about showing you guys, but this blog is like a little online diary, so an event like this I think should be remembered! 

Also I should add that I'm going to do an online diary of my week away (I would've done it when I was actually away but there wasn't a computer at the hotel), as there's quite a lot of photo evidence plus it gives me a chance to share my experience and give any advice to anyone going on their holi-bobs!

Hope you're all enjoying your week!

Rhiannon xxx

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