Saturday, 22 June 2013

Special Delivery!

Both bought from Fragrance Direct (a great place for discounted items!)

So in a post sometime last week I mentioned that I had a parcel delivered and this is what was in it! Not much but I've been wanting them for aggeesss. After seeing so many people love Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and sneakily trying out my sisters I took the plunge and bought my own! I've mostly been using it as a lip balm, especially amazing at night, and any dry patches on my face. Although I was slightly worried about any break outs coz it's quite thick, so far it's been alright. It does also mention that you could use it on sunburn, so I'm a little intrigued to find out how well it works (being pale and ginger I burn A LOT!). 

On to Decleor Night Blam. After a Christmas present from my parents to get a facial a while ago, the beautician gave me loads of Deleor samples, one of the being the night balm. Stupidly I didn't save it as a travel size (although this pot is an ideal travel size) it ran out and I missed using it! It claims to cleanse, purify and reduce excess sebum, tighten the appearance of pores and reduce imperfections. You only need a tiny bit to cover your whole face and the Ylang Ylang scent is so refreshing. A brilliant face treatment that I use often throughout the week to keep my skin looking fresh and clear! 

That's all folks! Hope you're enjoying you weekends!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I've been dying to try the Elizabeth Arden cream!! You should definitely do a post on all the different uses for it!! Nice mini haul! xo

    1. Thank you! It's actually really surprised me at how good it is :) xx


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