Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rhiannon's raving report #18

Been a long time since I've done this scheduled post but I feel like I shouldn't give up on it, although this time I'm adding in a few different things which I hope you'll enjoy!

Image from Daily Mail

Did anyone see the clip of the Queen's horse winning at Ascot the other day? I've never seen her so happy and smiley before! Even though some people moan that she always looks grumpy, I always think if you were an 87 year old lady always out and busy attending different events then you would look a bit tired sometimes! Oh we do love you Queenie.

Image from The Mirror

So I'm pretty sure that everyone and their dog knows about Kim Kardashian giving birth to her baby girl, apparently called North West! Now there are more reports of Kanye West proposing to Kim days after the birth of their baby girl with a tiger striped diamond ring. Bet that wedding is going to be expensive and lavish!

Image from Telly Mix

OOoohhh Big Brother's Secrets and Lies this year has definitely taken it's usual performance up a notch. This is Micheal the 'People's Puppet', basically anything the public voted for him to do he had to do, obviously it caused a lot of drama! If you missed it last week, unfortunately Micheal is now out of the house but apparently there's lots more to come!

Image from Daily Mail

This is a little bit different from my usual post but this news story actually happened just AROUND THE CORNER from me! In a nutshell, a kids facebook event for a small party managed to go viral with about 150 people turning up and a massive police helicopter with a search light trying to get rid of them, which was what kept me up that night as it was bloody loud!! Anyway here's the link to what actually happened in more detail. Either way it's a lesson learnt by all.....

I just stumbled across this video whilst doing this post, but it's seriously amazed me!! So, of course, I had to share!  (Just click on the link to find it!)

Hope you enjoyed this week's post!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love when the Queen wins at racing, so adorable! OMG, the same thing happened to my mum's cousin when her daughter threw a party, such a nightmare xxx

    1. I know! God, they're just a disaster! xxx

  2. I saw the picture of the queen having a big grin on her face. She needs to do it more often. I remember her on the royal weding, didn't even crack a smile, ha!



    1. True! She needs to look happy more often! xx


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