Thursday, 27 June 2013

Brighton Haul

The long awaited haul post after shopping in Brighton on Monday! Enjoy!
Suncream and after sun, a must have for a pale skin ginger like me who's going on holiday at the end of July, didn't really think that one through did I? I'm really not expecting to gain any tan, just burn lines really! The smell of after sun always reminds me of holidays! Not just me is it?! 

I saw quite a few beauty bloggers loving this texturising spray and thought I'd give it a whirl! I do love adding a bit of texture to my hair, after having really short hair, products like this came in handy when adding a bit extra to it! So far after using it twice I LOVE the smell of it, I'm useless at describing scents but it is gorgeous and it has added a noticeable extra oomph to my layers, can see that I'm going to adore this product.

After trying numerous samples and my sister's one (without her knowing might I add!) I took the plunge and bought my own. I usually add it when my hair is wet and am yet to try it on dry hair coz I'm really worried that it'll make my hair look too greasy!! Has anyone else had the problem? Even so it does give my hair a lovely shine. 

Known as the dupe to the Bioderma solution, I am really pleased with this product. Even though I've never tried the Bioderma version, a lot of reviewers have said that it does the job just as well! It's soothing, gets rid of my make-up easily, tones my skin, need I say anymore! Also there's a third off LOreal Paris products in Boots now, easiest buy ever!

Eyeshadows aren't a daily make-up piece for me really, I've never got the time or patience! Quite a lot of people are saying it's similar to the Naked 2 palette and just as pigmented at a fraction of the price ( can't argue with £4 really!) Just gorgeous colours, my favourite is the bottom row third from the right!

Primark: Socks
All of my pairs had holes or lost all their elasticity :( Primark to the rescue!! They match my PJs too so that's an added bonus. I always wear socks, even in the summer, with my foot cream to help them stay softy softy!

Primark: Jumper
These holey knitted jumpers seem to be everywhere now! I'm already planning on wearing it as an evening cover up in the summer! This may sound silly but when it's windy it  does get cold... because it's holey. For £8 it's not too shabby, compared to other more expensive versions I've seen *cough* Topshop *cough*. I would warn you that if you were going to get this and wanted it slightly more fitted get the size below you, mine is an 8 and it's quite baggy, unless your washing machine shrinks everything like mine, then I wouldn't recommend this!

I've got one more purchase but I feel like the post is massively too long already, plus I'm starving! So I'll have to save that for another day, although it  is my favourite one, saving the best till last! Hope you're all having a good week :)

Rhiannon xxx

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