Monday, 24 June 2013

Baby Blue

Jacket: Primark
Top and Shoes: New Look
Jeans: M&S
Necklaces: (Pearl Beaded Chains: Forever 21. Single Rose Chain: Accessorize)

Howdy all! A simple pimple outfit for when I went over to a family friends with the parents the other evening. I've known their daughter for agggeesssss, as we went to playgroup together and her older brothers are friends with my sister and brother, so way back basically! I always want to wear a dress or a skirt but these jeans give me the most room for my massive food baby, so this was the best option. 

Today me and the momma set off for Brighton and the Lanes in search for an 18th birthday present for me which is in lesson than a month (Where did the time go?!). I've seen some people getting the usual Pandora charms and expensive designer bags but I'm not exactly a Tiffany or designer girl. Mum wanted to get a jewellery box which is something that I would keep forever, although none of the expensive ones we saw were that nice, after stopping off at a flea market we picked up a gorgeous Japanese design casket box ( i love those types of patterns!) which I can put little boxes in with jewellery but it's been hidden away until my birthday :( Although we found no rings that were suitable for my birthday present, I did spot a lot of pretty cameo rings which are on my radar now!

Tomorrows post is gonna feature my OOTD and Wednesday's is going to be a little beauty and fashion haul I did in Brighton too..... needless to say that I am a VERY happy girl with what I bought, sorry bank balance! Hope you're all having a good week!

Rhiannon xxx

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