Thursday, 13 June 2013

A little fashion haul....

 Another haul from my shopping trip the other day, this time clothes and shoes! Yay! Aren't you lucky.... Enjoy :)

 Dress: Forever 21. About £20-ish

So pretty.... My mum said that the black colour washes me out but I don't care coz it's got daisy's on it! haha I saw this playsuit in New Look and bought it after being undecided in the changing rooms but took it back after I saw this one. I just love the detail on the back and the fabric is quite light and airy, so should be good in the summer.... whenever it actually comes! I am still lusting after this dress from Asos, even though it's maternity, I think I'm having a daisy print moment.

 T-shirt Dress: H&M £7.99

I do like a good t-shirt and since trying to break away from my black skinnies, I've ventured into the t-shirt dress world. I adore how comfortable it is, why did no one tell me before?! I plan to wear this tomorrow so I won't tell you what I'd wear it with, you'll just have to wait and see! In the third picture I was trying to show the slit down the side, it's really not that short compared to other dresses I've see girls wear! And the slit doesn't show that much anyway

 Dress: Forever 21 £20-ish

How pweettyy is it?! The collar, colour and cute pleats make me smile every time, in a normal not-strange-at-all way. Plus it is a possibility for my Year 13 prom dress, it's not a very formal occasion, so I think this would be quite nice. I need your help with what to wear it with though? Help me out guys!

Jeans: M&S £22.50

I think M&S gets a bit of a rep for being an old lady shop, but I've actually got quite a few good bits in there, these jeans being the best so far. They're actually jeggings, but the quality is jean-like and I'd probably liken them to the the Leigh Jeans in Topshop, as they're super comfy and flexible. In the second photo I put the same jeans I bought a year ago from M&S so you can see the difference, although they've faded, it's not that drastic. Hands down the best black skinny jeans I've had!

Shoes: Both New Look. 
Brown Loafers: £17.99

I didn't really intend to buy both of them. But after the disappointment of not finding these shoes I settled for the equally pretty brown loafers, comfy and practical, I think we'll get on. The pretty pink ballet slippers are THE most comfiest shoes I've ever bought, usually with my wide feet pumps are really painful to break into but wearing these are like walking on clouds (sorry for the cliche!). Anyway a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.....

Another massive post, sorry guys! Hope you enjoyed having a peak at my (little) clothes and shoes haul! Also let me know what I should wear with that mint collar dress :) 

Rhiannon xxx

P.S For some reason Forever 21 didn't have the dresses online.... even more reason to actually go shopping there :)


  1. Aw, you got some lovely stuff! Love the two dressed from forever 21! xxx

  2. Such cute finds!! The 2 F21 dresses are my favorites, but the H&M ones looks really nice on you as well ^^

  3. that peter pan collar dress and the loafers are so cute!! we want! unfortunately forever21 does not have a store here in australia :(

    1. Thank you! Ahh no that's such a shame :( x


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