Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A little beauty haul...

Helloo fellow bloggers! Today's post consists of two different shopping trips where I've stocked up on a few new beauty products, enjoy! I warn you none of them are that exciting....

Woo, eye cream! I 100% hate my eye bags and so far this product has actually worked, shock horror! I really can't count how many times I've been disappointed by eye creams, so this is definitely a lovely addition to my growing collection. It's really easy to apply and doesn't require any fuss really, plus it use plant extracts, which I love as I'm a big fan of natural cosmetics!

Another riveting product.... vitamins! I noticed a real difference when I tried Perfectil vitamins a while ago and when needing to repurchase it I can across the Boots own version and compared the two products ingredients, which I discovered had exactly the same ingredients, give or take, and were half the price for double the amount (If that makes sense!). I've been taking them for about two weeks and haven't noticed a great difference from the Perfectil range, so pretty chuffed with them really! 

Boots Tea Tree Facial Pore Strips is something that I just came across in the shop and fancied giving a go. It seems a bit.... aggressive... might be the best way to describe it! As you leave the strips on an area of your face for about 15 minutes, peel or on my case rip off, to see all the dirt you didn't wash on the strip, nice! It didn't really work that well on my nose for some reason but on my chin and forehead it's actually been quite good, although it's not that much of an attractive look!

I've finally jumped on the Real Techniques make-up brush bandwagon! I always thought that I'd rather spend more on the actual make-up rather than the brushes but I've been proved wrong. These are my holy grail products in my make-up bag, super soft and blend so well. I have the face base set which includes, (from L-R) a pointed foundation brush, contour brush, detail brush and buffing brush and a cute travel case to keep them in. I've pretty much washed them 3 times a week coz I want to keep them all pretty and clean, plus it stops any breakouts from dirty make-up brushes

The Amazing and Brilliant.... foot cream! God my life is that exciting. After my Soap and Glory Heel Genius ran out, sob :( I went back to my favourite Boots foot cream. I usually use this a couple of times a week as it's so creamy  and moisturising that you only need it a couple of times. Also the minty smell is just gorgeous!

I mentioned a while back that I bought this concealer in Light 2 after the massive hype but found that it was too dark for my skin (They didn't have the Fair 1 in stock anywhere at that point) so I got the lightest shade yesterday in mind to mix with my Light 2 to hopefully create the correct colour!

Phew! That was a massive post! Well done if you managed to get this far! haha ope you're all having a good week :)

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Really want to try things from the Botanics range, it sounds really nice! :)

  2. ah need the concealer and the vitamins haha- sound amazing! and i recently bought the core collection brushes and i LOVE THEM! xx

    1. They are! The vitamins do make a real difference :) xx

  3. My friend has lots of Botanics products in her bathroom, and whenever I stay over at her house I always can't resist trying them...I really want to buy some of my own now!

    Lipsticked Louise

  4. Haha these are all essentials though! I was looking at the Botanics range today and was wondering if they're any good, might try some out now because your eye cream sounds like it's pretty fab! xxx

    1. Haha true, you always make me feel better about spending too much! I do really like the eye cream :) xxx

  5. Love the RT brushes!
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC or bloglovin'??



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