Monday, 6 May 2013

Mini Mini Haul

Me and my ma popped into town really quickly after sixth form last week to get a few bits and bobs that I was running out of. Here goes:

Take the Heat Protection Spray and Cream from Aussie
Blazer from Primark

Obviously I didn't need the blazer but it was calling me. £11 in the sale, light, floaty and a dusty blue colour, perfect! I wore it the other day and it felt gorgeous, it's kinda like chiffon material so not too heavy. I ran out of heat protection spray and wasn't using anything for a little while, eek! Aussie stuff is my favourite hair product to use, I don't use anything else except Lee Stanford when I want my hair straight and Fish Serum to make it niiiccee and shiny. They smell gorgeous and were on sale in Asda as 3 for £10, not too shabby for Aussie. I also bought some nail polish remover and mint Polos but weren't that interesting to photograph. I told you it was a mini mini haul! I'm obsessed with mint Polos, when I run out it's up the the vending machine to supply my need but this time I'm fully prepared with a pack of 5 from Asda.... prepared for a few weeks anyway!

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. That blazer is lovely! I think Primark have been doing some really nice blazers lately xxx

    1. Thank you! They have recently, top job Primark! xxx

  2. oooh, that jacket is lovely. You are right, the colour is so pretty, it will be amazing in the summer on you Rhiannon.

    Em x

    1. Thank you! I know... can't wait to wear it :) xx


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