Thursday, 23 May 2013


So, you may have noticed (or not!) a slight absence of posts this week. It's less than two weeks until my first A2 exam, so I've been revising like crazy this week and haven't even had chance to think about blogging, also my outfits have consisted of hoodies, leggings and tracksuits! After the 6th June, I'm officially finished with all my exams and sixth form, so I'll definitely get back to blogging after that, plus I've got tons of new ideas I really want to get going with, so bear with me while I take a little holiday and I hope to see you all when I'm back! 

Rhiannon xxxx
P.S Don't forget me! haha


  1. Good luck with your exams :) xxx

  2. best of luck with exams!
    see ya when you finished.
    following you now :)

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