Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #14

Image from Daily Mail

Now, I know nothing about football or football clubs but after this story came out last week I thought I should add it in this week. Luis Suarez from Liverpool footballer club, in a recent game, bit Branislav Ivanovic, a player from Chelsea football club. This past week he has received a three-game violent conduct ban and then a ten game ban to which he's chosen not to appeal to. It's understandable that he may be slightly angry but don't take it out on people! Setting a bad example to younger kids.

Image fromThe Telegraph

I was slightly bored the other night and whilst flicking through my TV channels came across a channel just for the BBC News (I had no idea it existed!) On that they were talking about the conflicting allegations from both the Syria government (under General Assad, above) and rebel fighters claiming that their opponents have been using chemical weapons, noticeably a gas called sarin. Pictures and videos have emerged of people foaming from the mouth, suggesting some sort of gas being used. As it's quite a difficult decision, it's hard to determine the actual truth.

Image from BBC News

A horrific accident on the M62 left one person dead after a a lorry crashed into a mini bus sending it over the barrier. Eight people are still seriously injured in hospital with the lorry driver being bailed on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. Obviously a terrible tragedy.

Image from The Mirror

Bit of a fan of Leigh Francis and Celebrity Juice, so I was quite intrigued about his 40th birthday party. Apparently he's dressed as Dracula  I can't really see it myself, can you?! Jodie Marsh turned up as a pretty impressive character from the Avatar, Mel C and Emma Bunton came as Sporty and Baby Spice (How original!) but my favourite was Fearne Cotton as a cupcake!

Another video to make you go Awwww. This is going to be on my Christmas wishlist! (My sister pointed out that the pig is in a b-day..... Nice)

Hope you had a good week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Suarez is crazy! So talented but he'll waste it all if he carries on. Completely awwing over that piggy! xxx

    1. I know! Especially since he'd done it before... xxx


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