Friday, 19 April 2013

Bits and Bobs

No outfit post today... unless you want a brilliantly mis-matched tracksuit and hoodie combination with added greasy hair! haha. I've just been doing a bit of revision and sorting out my room, as it got a bit messy and I can't deal with that at all!

My sister's boyfriend works at Gatwick so he gets duty free off the shops there, so I made him get me some white converse. To start off with he got me black, but that was a bit of mis-communication. In the end I got a my lovely new shiny white pair:

This was my 'artsy' way of displaying my shosies, needless to say that I'll never have a career in photography! I wonder how long it'll take for these to get dirty....

On to other news, I've got a really exciting event coming up in the next few weeks. My media class does this every year for the year 13 students as a celebration of our coursework. I might as well just show you what I mean rather than rambling on:
I've been nominated for the Best Planning, Best Mise-en-Scene (Costume, Props, Scenery etc) and Best Camera Shots/Angles/Movement. Yay! I really hope I win at least one but there's quite a few people in each category, so it's a bit of a long shot. Either way I think it'll be a really fun night. everyone has to dress up really smartly, which has caused me to panic about what to wear. Ahh! It's not for a little while, so I've got time to relax before. Me and my friend Hannah are going together, which'll be great as she's helped me out ALOT in this project, so hopefully it will all pay off! 

That's it for today, I'm gonna get on with a bit more revision with my fat cat snoring next to me!
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

P.S Sorry for the state of my nails, I will get it sorted out....soonish...


  1. LOVE the shoes! :)

    Congrats & good luck!! ^^

  2. Love getting fresh Converse! Congrats and good luck! xxx

    1. I know... they're so pretty! Thanks! xxx


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