Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spot Obsession

Cardigan: Zara
Top: Primark
Jeans: M&S
Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I know I said that I wouldn't have time to post today but my last lesson got cancelled, though I'm suppose to be doing media work, this kinda counts as media.... I couldn't help going into Primark yesterday and buying this top after seeing so may different versions on other people's blogs. Plus I think I'm drawn to anything with spots on at the moment. The only thing I'd say about this is as it's silky shimmery material it does that static thing A LOT so it tends to get stuck on my stomach when I really don't want it to, even so I love it.

Still got a bit of work to do before I go out tonight, revision never escapes me :( Wish me luck for tonight! I really really hope I don't trip over. I mumble quite a bit so I've got to prepare my speech beforehand in case that happens. It's making me nervous even just thinking about it! Arrgghh!

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 29 April 2013

Classy Mcdonalds

Jacket: H&M
Cardigan and Jeans: M&S
Top: Zara
Shoes: Topshop

Safe to say that my poor feet rubbed in these shoes :( Bought them in the Topshop sale ages ago, they just slightly painful! I had to change them once I got back from sixth form as I had to go down to Brighton college to officially enrol, yay! I can't wait to start there. I love going down to Brighton, it's only about 30 minutes away and the shopping is amazing. The food there is so good too, clothes first then food definitely! I had to miss my history practise essay which I was devastated about of course.....

Tomorrow evening is my Media Oscar event! I probably won't have chance to post anything about it before Wednesday, but, you know, stranger things have happened. I think I know what dress I'm going to wear, it's not that dressy but good enough. I'm picking up my plus one, Kamila, then meeting my friends Hannah and Aby at the classy Mcdonalds for a three course meal beforehand. If I do win I have to do an acceptance speech, which I have no idea what to say 'Errrrr..... thanks?'  I'll either do something really stupid or say something really stupid, I'll let you guys know the outcome on Wednesday!

Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #14

Image from Daily Mail

Now, I know nothing about football or football clubs but after this story came out last week I thought I should add it in this week. Luis Suarez from Liverpool footballer club, in a recent game, bit Branislav Ivanovic, a player from Chelsea football club. This past week he has received a three-game violent conduct ban and then a ten game ban to which he's chosen not to appeal to. It's understandable that he may be slightly angry but don't take it out on people! Setting a bad example to younger kids.

Image fromThe Telegraph

I was slightly bored the other night and whilst flicking through my TV channels came across a channel just for the BBC News (I had no idea it existed!) On that they were talking about the conflicting allegations from both the Syria government (under General Assad, above) and rebel fighters claiming that their opponents have been using chemical weapons, noticeably a gas called sarin. Pictures and videos have emerged of people foaming from the mouth, suggesting some sort of gas being used. As it's quite a difficult decision, it's hard to determine the actual truth.

Image from BBC News

A horrific accident on the M62 left one person dead after a a lorry crashed into a mini bus sending it over the barrier. Eight people are still seriously injured in hospital with the lorry driver being bailed on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. Obviously a terrible tragedy.

Image from The Mirror

Bit of a fan of Leigh Francis and Celebrity Juice, so I was quite intrigued about his 40th birthday party. Apparently he's dressed as Dracula  I can't really see it myself, can you?! Jodie Marsh turned up as a pretty impressive character from the Avatar, Mel C and Emma Bunton came as Sporty and Baby Spice (How original!) but my favourite was Fearne Cotton as a cupcake!

Another video to make you go Awwww. This is going to be on my Christmas wishlist! (My sister pointed out that the pig is in a b-day..... Nice)

Hope you had a good week!

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Can't Boil an Egg

Shirt and Belt: New Look
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Internationale

I don't think I'll ever be throwing out this shirt, if I do you guys can definitely call me an idiot! I've wanted to wear these jeans for ages, since I got them last year I haven't worn them that much, I guess it's coz of the rubbish weather making me wear dark clothes. Anyway, they've had their first outing today. The shoes are actually quite bright red but look really dark in the photo for some reason....

Bit of a crappy day from the beginning really. Rain. Looking like a stupid idiot in class. Then getting really confused in class. And to top it off I can't boil an egg. Apparently I over boiled it and it turned grey-ish instead of white, which I couldn't eat, then I jabbed my finger nail on the table and all the nail is a bit crumpled up :( At the moment I've forgotten all of that coz it's the weekend, which means lie-ins plus I get to see my bro! Which means watching films, playing games and just being lazy, Yay!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Put It Away!

Dress and Jacket: Primark
Bag: New Look

Needless to say I got burnt the other day in this gorgeous weather, hence the reason why the next few outfit post will involve high necks and shoulder coverage! My skin must hate me around this time of the year, I get burnt so often :( I think this is my first official spring dress of the year, yay!  I had to wear tights though, definitely not warm enough for that yet! I haven't worn this dress in agesss, I remember picking it up in Primark and falling in love. Some people might think it's a bit too formal or dressy but I'd class my style as smart with a bit of casual thrown in, dresses, shirts and pretty blouses are my weaknesses!

Another boring day at sixth form, essays and revision coming out of my ears! It's been quite funny spotting all the people who got sun burnt and seeing all the year below wearing the shortest skirts and shorts in the world, it's like love, put it away!! It's officially 44 days until I finish school and exams for good, can you tell that I can't wait to get away and finish my exams?!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Good Egg

Jacket: Primark
Top: River Island
Jeans and Shoes: New Look

Howdy all! Gorgeous weather we're having! I think I'm already burnt on my chest and neck after spending an hour in the sun in my free period :( I really wasn't sure what to wear, it's too cold in the morning but then boiling at school. Dilemma. The school never seems to open windows, when they do it's a massive bee and wasp attack! I've had a couple of essay practises today, so I'm glad they're  out the way now, only one month and a bit until my exams! Arrgghh feel so unprepared!

Tonight I've been dragged off to my sister's to help paint her decking. joy. I really wanted to catch up on Made in Chelsea and go for a run, but I do get to see my sister, so I guess it's not all that bad. She's a good egg really. I must stop rambling about eggs and actually get some work done, someday. Toodles.

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 22 April 2013

Pinstripe Shirt Love

Shirt: Topshop
Top: H&M
Jeans: Asos
Trainers: Converse

The converses look soooo white in that photo! They survived the day with a few scrapes but still look extremely white. I was conscious all day of where I was putting my feet, as my sixth form isn't exactly the cleanest ever! haha I love love this shirt, another hand-me-down from my sister, it's long enough to cover my bum and it doesn't crease that much because it's quite good quality.

I got my history coursework back (1 out of 3) and I got a B! So so pleased with that coz I knew I wasn't going to get an A and a C would've been okay, a bit disappointing. So that means that I've got 70% of my history a-level done and at a B level, woop! Everyone keeps going on about exams and revision, which is so annoying coz it's stressing me out to no end. Which means my blogging might become a little less frequent in a few weeks time when revision really kicks in, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up with everything!

Hope you're having a great week so far and thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #13

Ahhh unlucky number 13, which actually reflects this past week I guess...
Image from BBC News
This Monday showed us Margaret Thatcher's funeral, with more than 2,000 guests and thousands of the public lining the funeral procession around London, Maggie got sent off with style. Thatcher's controversial policies sparked 4,000 police on duty in central London in case of protests, respectfully there were only small minor demonstrations resulting in no arrests. Overall, many have marked her funeral as calm compared to the earlier week's commotion.

Image from The Guardian
Another news story which has been circulating for a while now is the Swansea measles outbreak, with over 800 cases and 1 death. Hundreds of parents have now brought their children to get vaccinated at their local clinics. Hopefully this outbreak will soon be at a close.

Image from The Daily Mail
Perhaps an image which no one will be forgetting for a long time. After 3 people were killed and 176 people injured, the two bombers responsible for the attack have been found, one of them killed and the other in a critical condition in hospital. They used two pressure cookers with sharp nails and other objects in them, injuring many. Obama has now stated that they will bring the bombers to justice: 'The American people will not be terrorized'. The London marathon runners held a 30 second silence and worn black ribbons in honour of the victims. I just hope that now the bombers have been caught that the families affected can now feel like they've received justice.

Image from BBC News
Another horrific event happened at a fertiliser plant in Texas killing 14, with 60 still missing. Emergency services officials have said that the explosion may have been caused by the chemical ammonia, but they are still treating it as a crime scene whilst the search from more people continues.

Image from The Sun
A lot of childhood dreams were crushed after newspapers reveal that Rolf Harris was held over historic sexual abuse allegations. The police enquiry set up following the Jimmy Saville investigation, has stressed that there are no connections between the Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville investigations, as Rolf Harris's only involves one female. The first investigated this case, four months ago, yet only being revealed to the public recently.

After quite a lot of depressing news here's something to make you go awww:

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your week!!

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bits and Bobs

No outfit post today... unless you want a brilliantly mis-matched tracksuit and hoodie combination with added greasy hair! haha. I've just been doing a bit of revision and sorting out my room, as it got a bit messy and I can't deal with that at all!

My sister's boyfriend works at Gatwick so he gets duty free off the shops there, so I made him get me some white converse. To start off with he got me black, but that was a bit of mis-communication. In the end I got a my lovely new shiny white pair:

This was my 'artsy' way of displaying my shosies, needless to say that I'll never have a career in photography! I wonder how long it'll take for these to get dirty....

On to other news, I've got a really exciting event coming up in the next few weeks. My media class does this every year for the year 13 students as a celebration of our coursework. I might as well just show you what I mean rather than rambling on:
I've been nominated for the Best Planning, Best Mise-en-Scene (Costume, Props, Scenery etc) and Best Camera Shots/Angles/Movement. Yay! I really hope I win at least one but there's quite a few people in each category, so it's a bit of a long shot. Either way I think it'll be a really fun night. everyone has to dress up really smartly, which has caused me to panic about what to wear. Ahh! It's not for a little while, so I've got time to relax before. Me and my friend Hannah are going together, which'll be great as she's helped me out ALOT in this project, so hopefully it will all pay off! 

That's it for today, I'm gonna get on with a bit more revision with my fat cat snoring next to me!
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

P.S Sorry for the state of my nails, I will get it sorted out....soonish...

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Cardigan: H&M
Top: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: New Look

Back to the mirror photos, can't seem to get the same light and effect anywhere else in the room :( Spring and April showers are here, I saw a MASSIVE rainbow today, my brother was a bit weirded out that I got to excited by it! He came over after school and we played sudoku, like old people. He was better than me, but he's older and I did let him win obviously. We're quite competitive when we play games like Mario Karts or board games, coz we're both sore losers! Must be something we've inherited.

I'd got tomorrow off school, yay! All the teachers are moderating our coursework, so I'll be finding out my coursework marks next week. Eeek! I think I've done okay on most of them, although my English teacher is a harsh marker so I'm not expecting much from her. I've got a ton of revising to do tomorrow as my exams aren't that far away and I didn't do that much in the Easter holidays. Word of warning to you kids: do you're revision!

Hope you're all doing good!

Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fudge and Raisin Cupcakes

Last week, during my easter holidays, I got bored so decided to bake some cupcakes! I'm a big lover of fudge and had some left over, which I couldn't face after all the easter chocolate. I'll start off with the ingredients:
Makes 10 cupcakes
115g of vanilla fudge in small chunks
1 tbsp of milk
85g of butter
40g of light brown sugar
1 large egg
100g of self-raising flour
25g of raisins

Right to start I melted most of the fudge (leave some to decorate on top) in a heatproof bowl with the milk set over a saucepan of gently simmering water and leave until the fudge has melted. Then Take off the heat to cool down Like so:

Mine took aggeesss to melt, coz the fudge was quite hard and I didn't cut them into small chunks, word of warning for everyone! Plus it gets stuck to the bowl like you wouldn't believe, the only downside of baking is the washing up :(

Then mix the butter and sugar together. Add in the egg and flour and finally fold in the raisins and fudge. Like so:

We didn't have any raisins so I used sultanas instead, which my mum said were the same as raisins, but I'm not totally sure......

Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and scatter the remaing fudge bits on top. Bake in a pre-heated oven around 190⁰C/ 375⁰F/Gas Mark 5 for 15-20 mins then wallah!

I got good compliments from my family and my top cupcake taster, Katy, my friend from work who actually has her own blog Katy Bakes so if I got her approval then they must have been good!

Hope you enjoy making these really easy and yummy cupcakes!

Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stitches are not my friend

Cardigan: Primark
Top: New Look
Rings L-R: Present and Topshop
Shoes: Next

Another day.... bit of a easy one too. As I mentioned in my last post it was the sixth form photo today and god was it eventful! They get everyone to line up in height order (bearing in mind there's over 100 of us), at this point I really didn't know how short I was compared to the year below. Great boost of confidence! Then it turned out that they couldn't fit us all in, so I had to squeeze behind teachers sitting in front with a line of boys behind me, and of course as the immature comments began, 'Ooh Jack, don't get too excited or anything...' which reinforces my point of actually looking forward to leaving school and getting to know other people, more mature. 

All in all I had about 1 hour out of 3 hours of lessons today, with the school photo taking up a lesson then a teacher not turning up (without even letting us know.... thanks!). Not too shabby. Also did anyone see the sun shinning?!! Can't believe it's back! I actually went for a jog when I got home, but then realised how unfit I am after not jogging for..... ages really. Must work harder to not keep collapsing in stitches!

Anyone inspired to doing anything when the sun pops it's head out?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 15 April 2013

School Memories

Jacket: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Top and Shoes: Primark
Jeans: Next
Bag: M&S

Howdy all! A new change of scenery of how my photos are gonna be taken, I'm not too sure about this, so might be sorting them out for a while, so bear with me! First day back to school with a panic about what to wear, as these past two weeks I haven't had to think much about that! I've got my school year photo tomorrow, which means choosing something to wear, standing outside in the wind, waiting for everyone to take their places and smile! haha 

A pretty boring day really, all teachers talk about is revision now, which is going to drive me up the wall soon :( On the brighter note less than two months until I'm totally finished with sixth form! It's all gone soooooo quick but I'm also quite happy to be leaving, 7 years there is enough! Definitely leaving with some good memories and friends though, so I guess sixth form isn't that bad! Bet I'll regret saying that soon though haha. Did you guys enjoy school? Any good memories?

Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #12

Image from The Guardian

At the beginning of the week news came that Margaret Thatcher had died at 87 years old. This has then sparked debate throughout the week about how she reshaped Britain for better or for worse. This year I've been studying British history from 1951-2007 so covered her time in office and have formulated an opinion of her, which most of the class has adopted: Helped the failing economy but for a miner in the north she did little to help them. But what we've also learnt is that to be Prime Minister for 11 years then she must have done some good. I agree with the BBC's decision to only play part of the 'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead' song as I do believe it is disrespectful to her family, on the other hand I can understand why people have used this method to rebel against her.

Image from The Guardian

Another food scandal as it was revealed that low levels of phenylbutazone aka bute was found in Asda's Corned Beef. The Food Standards Agency also said that the Corned Beef had previously been found to have traces of horse meat in. At the cattery that I work at there's tons of medicines and prescriptions and in the corner is a bag with BUTE DO NOT TOUCH written on it, which obviously tells me that it's slightly dangerous! They've said that the levels a very low, therefore minimising any damage to consumers health, even so they're recalling all of the tins.

Image from The Daily Mail

Ahh Justin... what have you done now?! Was smuggling your monkey in not enough attention for you? I don't know whether  you can see the small writing stating that after Justin visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam he wrote in the guest book 'Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber'. His comments has cause outrage and called tasteless by many Facebook and Twitter users. At the moment he is yet to comment on this.

Image from The Mirror

Yay, Britain's Got Talent is back! Always perks me up on a Saturday night seeing the crazy acts! There was obvious competition between The Voice UK and BGT, but according to The Mirror and various other newspapers, BGT stormed ahead with a massive 9.35 million viewers compared to The Voice's 6.67 million. My favourite act of the night was definitely Attraction, amazing!!

Another entertaining video to round off the weekend!

Thanks for reading :)

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Mmmm peppermint!

Jacket: Topshop
Sweatshirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Asos
Bag: New Look
Trainers: Nike

I'm pretty sure that I'll have to be buried in this sweatshirt for the amount of times I've worn it! On today's agenda was a new haircut, nothing drastic, just a little trim. I would've put a photo up here but due to the strange and horrible weather my hair looks like a birds nest now, but it looks okay-ish at the moment! And like a good granddaughter I got my granddad's shopping and popped into his flat for a chat, granddaughter of the year award! I treated myself to a few beauty bits with boots 3 for 2 offer when I probably shouldn't have but I justified them by saying 'well i haven't got this colour yet...' and with the offer running out soon obviously I needed to buy them!

So I've already done a review of the Gelly-Hi shine in Lychee after I borrowed my friends, so I picked that up along with a pinky red Pomegranate which I can't wait to try tonight. I also got Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey which I am totally in love with, the colour comes out differently to what it looks like but even so it's gorgeous and it smells like peppermint, bonus!

Hope you're all having a great Friday!

Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Think I have too many nail polishes...?

As I'm still on half term and stuck doing revision, my comfy outfits haven't been blog-worthy. So instead I thought I'd share my extensive nail collection and my favourites! This collection has been going on for years and years, with my sister giving me most and some as Christmas presents, so I've built up a lot! Sorry about the rubbish quality of the photos!

Red Shades
The third and fourth polishes are definitely my favourites! I received the Nails Inc shade free in a magazine ages ago and fell in love with it. I haven't had any nails inc polishes before, mostly getting mine from boots and superdrug! So was pleasantly surprised by the quality and vibrant pinky red colour. My standard nail polish is definitely Barry M's red shade, I can't fault any of their nail polishes! I normally reach for this colour in the summer as it goes well with my freckles and my non-existent tan.

As you can see the first shade is probably my most used out of the collection! It's just a simple pink nude shade which I could sneakily wear at work without getting noticed. I was quite surprised that a Natural Collection polish was as good as Barry M in my books! I recently tried the second to last shade, as I fancied a dark pinky purple colour. My friend bought me a mini OPI set for Christmas with their top ten shades, so far this is the only one I've tried but it lasted quite a long time, the only thing was that the brush was quite small, but that's obvious! haha

Sorry for the crap quality, this one came out weird! They're all mostly the same shades, except the second one sticks out a bit. It's a Miss Sporty polish which caught my eye last summer after wanting a purple but not lilac colour (fussy I know!) But I haven't used it since because it's not one for the winter and it wasn't the best quality ever. The one next to it is a Number 17 Fast Finish polish which I got for my birthday last year. It's a great colour, purple metallic, not something that I usually wear but, this sounds strange, but it dries too quickly for me! haha I end up getting it all gloopy and lumpy :(

Blues and Greens!

Another Barry M mint colour as the second one in. I loved loved this colour in the summer, I'm sure you've heard enough about my adoration for Barry M but if you haven't ever owned a Barry M polish, 1. What is wrong with you?! 2. Go buy yourself one! A nail fashion trend which started last year or maybe year before was the magnetised polish. I bought my Number 17 polish, second to last, in a greeny blue shade, which kinda reminded me of a mermaids tail.. haha either way it is gorgeous and for a while I couldn't stop staring at them! 

Sparkly and Metallics!
You can never have enough Barry M nail polishes! I got these three from my sister and her boyfriend for Christmas and so far I've tried out the two glitter shades over the top of other colours, which works really well as they're thin enough to still have the colour through! I think the next polish for me will the the purple green metallic, second to last, as it looks awesome!

Phew! So that's all my nail polishes, I have quite a lot! I really enjoyed doing this post, coz I discovered loads of colours that I haven't used in ages! So I hoped you enjoyed reading this too and as it's quite long, you can treat yourself to a new nail polish, if you want! haha

Hope you're all having a good week!

Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I love you jeans!

Top: Mango
Jeans: H&M

I cut my face out as I had no make-up on and my hair was wet, not exactly blog-worthy! Today was my first morning off in ages but I had a ton of stuff to do so no lie-in for me. Unfortunately it was my dad's aunties funeral today, which is sad coz she was quite close to me but meeting my extended family made me realise that she had had a happy 90 years, travelling the world and doing some amazing things, which hopefully I'm going to find out more about the family tree with help from my mum!

Sorry for the change in background, I could photo my jeans better in another mirror! These jeans really don't get enough love from me. I'm a skinny jean girl through and through and purchased this pair ages ago (I remember dragging my sister through bluewater shopping center trying to find the perfect pair!) after feeling a desire to have a flared pair and break away from skinnies. Looking from these pictures they make my legs look a bit short but even so I always feel great in them! 

Has anyone got a favourite pair of jeans?

Rhiannon xxx
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