Thursday, 14 March 2013

What an Idiot

Jacket: Zara
Cardigan: H&M
Top: Topshop
Jeans: M&S
Boots and Bag: New Look
Skull Ring: River Island
Earrings and Flower Ring: Vintage

Phew! Bit of a long list today! I was trying to go monochrome today but didn't manage it... nothing looked good, either I was going to a funeral or about to serve you food. Anyways, I got some pretty wacky jewellery on today, the rocking horses were from Camden market, they're so cute! The flower ring is the only one that fits on my middle finger and is a little rusty now :( The skull ring it a bit out there for me but it has a lot of memories for me! 

Tonight I'm off out for dinner with a friend of mine, which will be nice coz we don't get to see each other much as she works now so it'll be good to catch up! The only thing I'm worried about is my driving, it's gotten a bit bad recently, well I say bad, it's really bad! I went to fill up today and got back in and my key wouldn't turn, so, of course me being me, I start panicking. Then a car starts queueing behind me and my mum isn't answering her phone. So, like the idiot I am, I went and ask the guy in the car behind for some help! And it was something really simple, my wheel was locked which meant i couldn't start it or something... so embarrassing, the guy was really nice though whilst my cheeks burnt and I looked like I was about to cry, so stupid but at least I've learnt from it now!

Rhiannon xxx  

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