Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #9

So the new budget for this year brought a lot of questions, as to what the heck George Osborne is talking about! Basically there's quite a few tax cuts ( I won't bore with the details) 1p off beer, which according to The Mirror you'd have to drink 400 pints to buy yourself a free beer, lets see how long it'll take for someone to try that one out! haha A cancelled 13p rise is fuel and £3 billion in government investment spending are also included.... let's hope it all actually works!

What a week the UK has had! This picture came out on Saturday after blizzards during Friday night covered a main road in Cumbria, with 70 people having to be rescued from their stuck cars. I'm quite lucky down south as we didn't get much this time. But the amount which came down and how fast it did is astonishing! I'm sure people like a day off school or work but after a while it does get very annoying!

Oh David, David. How can you make slipping over look so stylish? Blame the slippy shoes or wet grass! This was David Beckham showing off his skills in front of a group young Chinese footballers during his visit to China. What makes me laugh is the fact that one only person is actually paying attention to what just happened!

Ooooh aren't they cute! Yes, Easter is on it' way, apparently. I've been out and bought my easter eggs and mum has written her cards.... bless. We used to do easter egg hunts round the garden, but according to my dad we're too old for that, since when was 17 and 26 too old?!

Another one of my favourite youtube videos! I promise I don't spend all day on youtube just searching for funny animal and people videos....

Hope you all have a good week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Pfft! You are never too old for easter egg hunts. Last year I ran around in bunny ears and I will not restrain this year! I hope you get to go egg hunting.

    E x

  2. Hahaha cracking up at that video! xxx

    1. I know, it's get funnier every time I watch it! xxx


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