Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #7

This one is a bit of a mash up today of a bit of everything, hope you enjoy!

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I'll start off with mothering Sunday! It was just me and my mum this weekend as my dad was away, so it was nice to do some girly things and watch a movie in the evening! 

I'm a fan of Fearne Cotton as I grew up with her presenting kids TV, so as I saw this (a card from her son Rex!) pop up on twitter is was cute worthy to post about! Hope you all spolit your mums rotten!
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On to other news... You know that really sunny weather some of us had last week, well it ain't coming back. Some are reporting -7C in some areas and blizzards! That's not what I want on a Monday morning.. and I think this St-Bernard agrees with me!
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Now I've never watched Up (cue shock... it's on my to-do list!) But apparently this guy is going to attempt to fly across the Atlantic in the summer in a lifeboat held by 365 helium balloons!
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A little bit of politics.. I'm actually quite interested in it all coz in history we're doing Tony Blair and you can see how his policies affect the stuff that's happening now. Anyway back to current news, as the top conservative pollster is predicting that Labour are going to win a landslide victory against the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, which I think would be a good change (plus I don't like the conservatives much! haha)

Ahh Justin, not a good week for you, eh? After being TWO HOURS late for his concert then having breathing problems then getting into a fight with the paparazzi, he has 'apparently' said that he will 'never come back to the UK' now. Here's another look at that video... bless he does try to stand his ground!

Hope you've enjoyed this post!

Rhiannon xxx

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