Sunday, 3 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #6

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posting over this weekend, been a bit busy but I shall reveal all in tomorrows post!

So this is the site from the hot air balloon in Egypt which killed 19 tourists with only two survivors. It must have been a horrific experience to have endured, when people ask me would you rather drown or be burnt alive I always say drown coz I cannot imagine the pain of being burnt. Obviously people are now going to be wary of trips which impose dangers, which is a shame because sometimes beautiful sites like these should be seen from above.

Onto another not so nice story... A sinkhole has claimed a life after a man was sucked down whilst sleeping. The search has now been called off with the fire rescue having not seen any life since last Thursday and the building is now deemed unsafe and is being knocked down. I've never really seen a sink hole (expect on the Simpsons film) so I do find this story interesting in how to happened.

It's been revealed tonight that the Queen has been emitted into hospital with a stomach bug, but just as a precaution. Due to this she has cancelled all engagements, which is strange for her coz she normally attends all events no matter what (did you seen the rain on that river boat parade on the Thames for the Jubilee?!) but I think she's done pretty well so far to have kept up with everything, so once in a while you do need a little break! She's the same age as my great auntie which is pretty cool.

Wouldn't we all want to be Princess Kate tobogganing in Switzerland? After recent images of her pregnant have come out she looks like she's doing quite well, despite the first set back and her maternity fashion has been carefully watched too, rumours that she has been shopping in the Topshop maternity section too. I'm glad that the royals are still shopping on the high street, never know might see her in Oxford Street one day fighting over a dress or something...

On to the funny stuff....

This video has gone viral now. At first I had no clue watch was going on but now it's a definite highlight in the adverts! Us Britons love a good funny animal video! haha

Have a good week everyone!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. It's so sad about the balloon and sinkhole, so scary as well! And get better soon Queenie! xxx

    1. I know :( I really can't imagine it. haha yes get better soon! xxx


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