Sunday, 31 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #10

Image from The Guardian

I'm sure many of you may recognise this face, as Jade Lomas-Anderson who died after being attacked by five dogs. I find these stories utterly heart wrenching and impossible to even believe. I'm not exactly a dog person but I do get nervous around vicious dogs and after seeing video clips on the news of dogs being trained to fight, something needs to be done urgently.

Image from The Telegraph
I've heard a few news stories about North Korea in the past but never known a lot about it, which is bad coz events that happen in the world should be of interest to everyone. Anyway new leader Kim Jong-un has ordered his military to prepare a missile strike on America. Being in a state of war against South Korea it's a very unstable and drastic time for both countries.

Image from Wikipedia
Most famous for as an anti-apartheid and spending 27 years in prison for his previous activities, Nelson Mandela is now suffering from pneumonia. Thankfully he is now recovering from his condition and doing well. For a 94 year old he's had a pretty interesting life! 

Image from The Mirror
Another week, another celebrity wedding. This time Katie Price, her fourth wedding?! I don't know I've lost count. Anyway according to the Internet it featured a Willy Wonka theme and golden thrones. Gosh can't wait for those classy and sophisticated photos....

Regular readers may notice my love for funny animal videos and by far one of my favourites is Chris Cohen's animal translations. If you haven't heard of them before, have an hour or two spare to laugh your head off at all his awesome videos. Here's  one of my favourites:

Enjoy and thanks for reading!!

Rhiannon xxx

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