Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rescue Mission

Jacket: Primark
Jumper: Forever 21
Shirt: Topshop
Scarf: New Look
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: Converse

Wooo, my first shirt-jumper-combo, does it work? I really wasn't sure, but really didn't have time to go back and change. This jumper has saved me from so many cold days and decisions about what to wear on a lazy days! I did change the jacket though, a bit too thin for the dash from the car park to school. Sorry for the rubbish quality of pictures too, I'm gonna try a different set up for my photos and see whether that's made a difference!

I had a right dilemma this morning, as I parked my car a greyhound ran straight down the road to the very busy main road. It was one of those moments when you either get out and run after it or just do nothing! I waited for my friend but she didn't see the dog, coz I thought I knew who the owner was but had no clue where what house number he lives at. Hopefully the dog got returned to it's owner! Media revision is on the agenda for this evening.... all I've got to do is watch episodes of Eastenders (My worst nightmare!) and see how the represent British youth. Think this will be a very hard task to do!

Rhiannon xxx

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