Monday, 25 March 2013

Don't Regret

Coat: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Top: Topshop
Scarf: New Look
Jeans: Asos
Bag: M&S

That top is way tooooo old! My first ever topshop buy if I remember correctly! Still going strong and loving it. I'm so glad that I bought this coat, so bloody freezing out there, especially with the wind, my ears feel like they're about to fall off :( Weirdly I went out today with new jewellery on what so ever, I felt totally naked without any earrings or rings on, is that just me or does anyone else feel the same?! 

Another day, with tons of revision to do and finishing off all those coursework essays, which are pouring out of my ears! I'm so looking forward to relaxing in the Easter hols, but so far I'm working  over the Easter weekend, including good Friday and Easter Monday, paying off my shopping expenses! Plus I reckon revision is going to take over my life soon, so sorry if my posts become a little less frequent on here, but I always enjoy blogging as it's a stress release, so I doubt I'll be gone for too long!

Rhiannon xxx


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