Sunday, 31 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #10

Image from The Guardian

I'm sure many of you may recognise this face, as Jade Lomas-Anderson who died after being attacked by five dogs. I find these stories utterly heart wrenching and impossible to even believe. I'm not exactly a dog person but I do get nervous around vicious dogs and after seeing video clips on the news of dogs being trained to fight, something needs to be done urgently.

Image from The Telegraph
I've heard a few news stories about North Korea in the past but never known a lot about it, which is bad coz events that happen in the world should be of interest to everyone. Anyway new leader Kim Jong-un has ordered his military to prepare a missile strike on America. Being in a state of war against South Korea it's a very unstable and drastic time for both countries.

Image from Wikipedia
Most famous for as an anti-apartheid and spending 27 years in prison for his previous activities, Nelson Mandela is now suffering from pneumonia. Thankfully he is now recovering from his condition and doing well. For a 94 year old he's had a pretty interesting life! 

Image from The Mirror
Another week, another celebrity wedding. This time Katie Price, her fourth wedding?! I don't know I've lost count. Anyway according to the Internet it featured a Willy Wonka theme and golden thrones. Gosh can't wait for those classy and sophisticated photos....

Regular readers may notice my love for funny animal videos and by far one of my favourites is Chris Cohen's animal translations. If you haven't heard of them before, have an hour or two spare to laugh your head off at all his awesome videos. Here's  one of my favourites:

Enjoy and thanks for reading!!

Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 30 March 2013


1. Topshop Lipstick in Nevada
2. New Look Brown Brogues
3. Asos Smock Dress
4. Asos Olivia Burton Watch
5. Miss Selfridge Pale Blue Peplum Shirt
6. River Island Green Circle Lock Leather Satchel 

Another wishlist.... bit of a dangerous thing to have, but oh well, the rubbish weather was getting me down!! 

People have always raved about the Topshop Lipsticks, so I think it's about time I purchased one, especially in this pretty nude colour. Brogues: my love hate relationship, I've been on the hunt for the perfect ones for ages, but there's always something not right about them, having wide feet is also a problem, so I think I'll try these out before buying them with my student discount! My friend came into sixth form with a really pretty floral shirt, so despite the weather, florals are on my to-buy list. My Nanny's watch is getting a little worn now, the leather strap is about to snap off, so this sophisticated black strap has caught my eye and glazed over the price tag. Ahhh pretty pastels for spring, this one reminds me of Alice and Wonderland strangely... River Island's bags are always a good investment, if you find the right one, I can't tell how big this one is, coz I need a big enough one to fit all my junk in it!!

What's your favourite??

Hope you guys have a good Easter, wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Neck is Too Fat

Shirt and Jumper: New Look
Necklace: Accessorize
Jeans: M&S

Howdy all! Easter holidays are upon us, thank god! I need some lie-ins. Fortunately my new Collection 2000 concealer has been covering up my dark circles nicely. On to the outfit, I'm not one to wear my shirts all buttoned up, so this was as far as I could get until my friend, Aby, convinced me to button it up. I guess it does look better now even though it feels like someone is slightly strangling me. I wore my lovely new mac with this outfit, it's proving to be a worthy buy as it's long enough to cover my cardigan (I hate when coats are too short!) and thick enough to keep me warm, perfect!

Last day of sixth form before Easter holidays today, which meant not a lot of work got done! I had to finish off my English coursework, which I had a major panic about the night before but I'm happy with it now and just glad it's all over now. Then my English lessons were filled with watching The Importance of Earnest, an absolutely crazy play, whilst eating mini chocolate eggs! Not a bad way to round off the term. I'm working over the whole Easter weekend, which sucks but  I need the money! 

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!

Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Bastille 'Bad Blood'

Basically I'm too lazy to do a outfit post or anything which involves me taking pictures, but this gives me a great opportunity to review Bastille's new album!

After hearing 'Pompeii' on the radio and falling in love with the vocals, I begged my friend for the cd which she thoughtfully copied for me (something out of the ordinary!). Since then it's been played non-stop where ever I go, the cd lives in my car and is on repeat on my ipod constantly.

My top five (I couldn't get it down to three!)
1. Bad Blood
2. Oblivion
3. Things We Lost in the Fire
4. Overjoyed
5. Get Home

'Get Home' is by far my favourite, their vocals are so soothing and catchy and the best to revise to! Their sound is something I've never really heard of and I can tell that they're really going to take off, if they haven't already. They're playing at Reading Festival this year, so I can't wait to see them!

Anyone got a favourite track? Let me know!

Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Header

As you guys may be able to tell I have a new header :) Tell me what you think about it, good or bad?!! 

Rhiannon xxx

Rescue Mission

Jacket: Primark
Jumper: Forever 21
Shirt: Topshop
Scarf: New Look
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: Converse

Wooo, my first shirt-jumper-combo, does it work? I really wasn't sure, but really didn't have time to go back and change. This jumper has saved me from so many cold days and decisions about what to wear on a lazy days! I did change the jacket though, a bit too thin for the dash from the car park to school. Sorry for the rubbish quality of pictures too, I'm gonna try a different set up for my photos and see whether that's made a difference!

I had a right dilemma this morning, as I parked my car a greyhound ran straight down the road to the very busy main road. It was one of those moments when you either get out and run after it or just do nothing! I waited for my friend but she didn't see the dog, coz I thought I knew who the owner was but had no clue where what house number he lives at. Hopefully the dog got returned to it's owner! Media revision is on the agenda for this evening.... all I've got to do is watch episodes of Eastenders (My worst nightmare!) and see how the represent British youth. Think this will be a very hard task to do!

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Don't Regret

Coat: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Top: Topshop
Scarf: New Look
Jeans: Asos
Bag: M&S

That top is way tooooo old! My first ever topshop buy if I remember correctly! Still going strong and loving it. I'm so glad that I bought this coat, so bloody freezing out there, especially with the wind, my ears feel like they're about to fall off :( Weirdly I went out today with new jewellery on what so ever, I felt totally naked without any earrings or rings on, is that just me or does anyone else feel the same?! 

Another day, with tons of revision to do and finishing off all those coursework essays, which are pouring out of my ears! I'm so looking forward to relaxing in the Easter hols, but so far I'm working  over the Easter weekend, including good Friday and Easter Monday, paying off my shopping expenses! Plus I reckon revision is going to take over my life soon, so sorry if my posts become a little less frequent on here, but I always enjoy blogging as it's a stress release, so I doubt I'll be gone for too long!

Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #9

So the new budget for this year brought a lot of questions, as to what the heck George Osborne is talking about! Basically there's quite a few tax cuts ( I won't bore with the details) 1p off beer, which according to The Mirror you'd have to drink 400 pints to buy yourself a free beer, lets see how long it'll take for someone to try that one out! haha A cancelled 13p rise is fuel and £3 billion in government investment spending are also included.... let's hope it all actually works!

What a week the UK has had! This picture came out on Saturday after blizzards during Friday night covered a main road in Cumbria, with 70 people having to be rescued from their stuck cars. I'm quite lucky down south as we didn't get much this time. But the amount which came down and how fast it did is astonishing! I'm sure people like a day off school or work but after a while it does get very annoying!

Oh David, David. How can you make slipping over look so stylish? Blame the slippy shoes or wet grass! This was David Beckham showing off his skills in front of a group young Chinese footballers during his visit to China. What makes me laugh is the fact that one only person is actually paying attention to what just happened!

Ooooh aren't they cute! Yes, Easter is on it' way, apparently. I've been out and bought my easter eggs and mum has written her cards.... bless. We used to do easter egg hunts round the garden, but according to my dad we're too old for that, since when was 17 and 26 too old?!

Another one of my favourite youtube videos! I promise I don't spend all day on youtube just searching for funny animal and people videos....

Hope you all have a good week!

Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Make-Up Haul

Whist reading through beauty blogs and watching a lot of beauty channel videos I was in desperate need of updating my make-up! So I made a list of bits that I need, as I'd rather bulk shop than do bits and pieces there. I'm not a massive make-up and hair person, but obviously I do take care in my appearance but most of the time I don't have enough time (and patience!) to do it. Anyway, these are a few little purchases I made the other day.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light
Marks and Spencer Gel Eyeliner in Brown
MUA Lipstick in Shade 1
Sleek Face Form Kit in Light

My terrible swatches! This is the reason why I'm not a good beauty blogger! Anyway, I had heard a lot of good reviews about Collection 2000 concealer before now, but I was worried that it would be too heavy and cakey, surprisingly it covered my dark under eyes and blemishes really well and stayed put for the rest of the day. Definitely recommend this! I'm a bit late jumping onto the gel eyeliner bandwagon but I absolutely adore this. It's unsmudgeable and a little bit goes a long way, love it! Now, I don't wear lipstick loads, especially bright colours but I couldn't resist this shade. My mum thinks its a bit bright for me but it soon started to grow on me, I think it'll be a special occasion lipstick anyway! Sleek Face Form has also been another massive product which loads of beauty bloggers have raved about, I'm yet to see amazing results though, can anyone help out with links to youtube tutorials or anything? The blush is really pretty too!

Models Own Eyelash Curler
No7 Precision Eyeliner Brush
Eco Tools Deluxe Concealer Brush

I'm not an idiot or anything but the picture won't turn round! I've tried taking the picture again and flipping the picture round but it won't work :( Boots were doing a special offer of 3 for 2 across certain cosmetics, as I needed a eyeliner brush and eye lash curlers the concealer brush was a added bonus! The brush is definitely the best buy out of these three, so soft and precise, I'm gonna keep it nice and clean to prolong it! I'm ashamed to say that I've never owned a pair of eyelash curlers.... but these have definitely changed by mind now! They're sooo good, proves that you might have to spend a little more to get good results. The concealer brush is actually pretty useful, I used to use my fingers but this gives me much better results and has a handy pouch to keep it in!

I got my amazon order this morning, yay! It's a dupe of the original Beauty Blender, with a much smaller price! I'm yet to try it out but can't wait to see the difference from using a brush or fingers!

I also need your opinion on the MUA lipstick shade, good or bad?! I'm undecided at the moment!

Sorry for the massive post, I always buy my beauty products in bulk!
Hope you enjoyed reading this :)

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 22 March 2013

Wedge Trainers and A Mac

Jacket and Hoodie: H&M
Scarf and Top: Primark
Jeans: Next
Wedge Trainers: River Island

Hello lovelies! How are we all? Enjoying the weather? Down here all it is is rain and more rain :( Hence the boring-ness of this outfit. I love my wedge trainers but can't drive in them or really walk in, especially up and down stairs with an arm load of folders! Luckily I haven't tripped over yet... The new mac coat is something I bought yesterday, after wanting one for ages but just couldn't find the right one. I saw one on Asos for £55 then I'd get 25% student discount (pays off to be a student sometimes!) but this one was a mere £35 and a lot nicer than the other one, it's quite thick and warm, plus I like the black outline!

Like I said it's been raining today, but mostly this afternoon. So when I got home, after buying my Easter eggs in town, I thought my car needed a little TLC so gave it a clean inside and out, literally just after I had hosed it all down it started raining :( not good! But at least Clive is nice and clean inside! On tonight's agenda is chocolate and rubbish TV, in preparation for a cold and wet day tomorrow at work :(

Hope you all enjoy your Friday's!

Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

'Peace begins with a smile' Mother Theresa

Jacket: Zara
Jumper: M&S
Shirt,  Jeans, Belt and Shoes: New Look

Think I buy clothes from New Look too much? haha I've always been a fan of tucking clothes into my trousers or skirts, I hate seeing builder's bums, not a great look! After watching Devil Wears Prada last night it inspired me to wear something a bit more out there and fashionable... so this is what I came up with! Right now I adore these shoes, perfect for the in between boots and pumps weather, plus I get bored of wearing trainers too much. 

Another pointless day at sixth form. Like a good student I spent my morning altering my English coursework to then get to my double lesson to be told to go and find a computer to alter it a bit more. Then an email from my media teacher to tell me that my last lesson was cancelled, so basically I had no lessons today! The only thing really to do was to go shopping... I bought a lot of make up bits and bobs, but really I was suppose to buy easter eggs but came home without any and a new coat! Overall a very productive day :) I'll be doing a post with my haul on Saturday for you lovely people and so I can test them all out beforehand and get good photos!

Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Book Geek

I'm such a book lover, nothing is better than to wrap up in bed with a great book with a couple of hours free. At the moment I'm reading Great Expectations, which I love so much. But I thought I'd share with you another favourite book/series today.

Some of you may have heard of Malorie Blackman and these are by far her most well-known books. A quick summary of what happens in the first book: it's a time when white people (Noughts) are inferior to black people (Crosses). Sephy, a cross and Callum, a nought fall in love, they try to be together but they can't be, from there events happen which push them further apart. I don't want to reveal too much, but I couldn't stop reading them! The events which happen are so unexpected they keep you engaged for so long. I'm definitely going to pick up these books again in the summer. Other good reads by Blackman are The Stuff of Nightmares (speaks for it's self) Pig Heart Boy (again speaks for it's self) and Boys Don't Cry (a teenager raising a baby).

I'd definitely recommend these books!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ramble Ramble

Jacket and Jumper: Zara
Top: River Island
Jeans: M&S
Bag: Accessorize
Scarf: Present

Howdy guys! Sorry about my pictures, they seem to be getting worse throughout the week but I promise I'll find a better way of taking them! This outfit was a bit of a just-chuck-on-whatever-I-find-first as I was being so indecisive this morning. It's quite pretty though as I've been put off wearing skirts and dresses because of the horrible weather but it has picked up a little today my outfits may be a little bit more exciting tomorrow!

I was pretty annoyed with my history teacher today as he cancelled my lesson just as I was walking out of the car park... gggrrr! I've got the same lesson tomorrow so he better not cancel again, although it gave me a chance to catch up and eat sweets. The vending machines at school are not my friend right now. I've got to get on with a bit of media work now, which sucks. Also I've ordered a dupe Beauty Blender from Amazon as I didn't wanna spend loads on the real deal, anyone tried this one before? Any reviews would be good!

Rhiannon xxx

P.S Wow that was a lot of rambling....

Monday, 18 March 2013

So Sleepy...

Jacket and Jumper: Topshop
Scarf: Miss Selfridge
Bag: New Look
Jeans: Asos

Sorry for the confused look and weird pose in the second picture! And for the lack of imagination in this outfit! Comfort was the aim today, paired with my black converse, I think it all worked well! I really need to get out of these style of jumpers, I have quite a few but they're so comfy! I stayed over at my sisters last night (watching Finding Nemo brought all those childhood memories back!) and came back in the morning to get ready for sixth form, hence the reason for the lack of make-up and pretty clothes. I had to scrap my car at 6:20 today in my pjs with people across the road at the bus stop trying not to stare and laugh, I was wayy too sleepy to even care! I should point out that I had pink fluffy pj bottoms with hearts on, a grey t-shirt, old trainers and crazy hair, I'm definitely not a morning person!

My mum and sister were lucky enough to get free tickets to the Ideal Home Show up in London today. It's basically where loads of different businesses come to promote and sell their products to people. They lovingly bought me these gifts:

The cute tin now has my over flow of earrings, trust me I have a lot! And is sitting on my dressing table. They also got my the leopard print scarf, which looks great on this bag and, as it's quite thin, it'll be perfect for the summer (whenever it arrives!) but at the moment it's all about big scarfs for me!

Hope you're all having a good week so far!

Rhiannon xxx


So I'm totally confused about the whole GFC and bloglovin fiasco, but after seeing people mobe away from GFC and to bloglovin I thought I should join the bandwagon and add my link in here:
<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #8

Image from The Telegraph

So at the beginning of the week a new pope was elected. My mum came rushing in from work saying 'White smoke is coming out of the Vatican!!' at first I had no idea what she was rambling on about but then it clicked. I think it's a pretty cool way to let everyone know that they've decided! Anyway formally Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina, Pope Francis delivered his Angelus Prayer today in St Peter's Square in Rome.

Image from BBC News

Recognise these two? Both Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce have been jailed for eight months after perverting the court of justice, after she took speeding points for him in 2003 for him to avoid losing his license. In my opinion people who are part of Parliament shouldn't be treated any differently to the public, therefore should pay the price as we would. Obviously because of the publicity they are getting, their story is perhaps more difficult as it's so well known than the average persons is, though I am not condemning what they did is wrong.

Image from Google Images

Did everyone see the show on Friday night? I enjoy watching all the different things celebrities have done and how my donated money will be put to use. Founded in 1985 this charity had been going for a looonnng time and after checking the website they've raised £75,107,851 so far, which is awesome! 

Image from Google Images

I would hope that everyone recognises this lovely lady, if not for her amazing music. Well apparently some people (Noel Gallagher) don't seem to think the same. According to The Mirror and Twitter he called Emeli's music for 'grannies', is that the same artist who won the Brits Critics Award last year and sang at the Olympics? Yup. She relied with 'Thanks Noel' and a very witty picture of a granny swearing. Got him back.

I also came across a funny video on The Mirror, which of course I shall share with you lovely lot.

Video from Youtube

All I've got to say is that you got your comeuppance,

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 16 March 2013


I love doing wishlists and I've constantly got something in my phone notes. After re-reading Lauren Conrad Style Book, I'm craving a good quality mac coat and I think M&S are a good brand to go with coat-wise. Oriental print is something that I'm really loving at the moment, I spotted this dress on Zara for £29.99, which I think is really good because they're always brilliant quality there! I've been a bit sceptic of Topshop make-up but after seeing so many reviews, I think I'll have to try one out. After seeing Katie's review of Nails Inc Feather nail polishes I'm itching to try this one out too! 

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

'I'll take you in my arms and keep you sheltered'

Jacket: Primark
Jumper: Forever 21
Scarf: Sister's
Jeans: M&S
Bag: Accessorize
Trainers: Converse

Howdy all! A pretty rubbish day today weather-wise, but then again is it surprising in lovely Britain?! Today's outfit was based purely on comfort, as I only had a few lessons and left at 11:30,  good Friday! This jumper has literally not left my back in ages, after school and work I'll whip this on with my joggers, bliss. Neither have my Converse's, they keep my feet dry and warm, what more do you need?! This scarf may also be a frequent mention in my posts, it's HUGE and so warm.

Plans for the weekend are: tonight girly evening in watching comic relief on TV, I've donated my fiver during Radio 1's broadcast yesterday morning. I think every year people just get more and more involved which is brilliant! It's my lovely sister's birthday on Saturday, so we're going out in the evening which will be nice. Do you ever have a certain family member where you have no idea what to buy them? My sister is the worse, she's quite particular and fussy, so most of the time I end up doing an I own you thing! The thought it there!

Hope you all have lovely weekends!

Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

What an Idiot

Jacket: Zara
Cardigan: H&M
Top: Topshop
Jeans: M&S
Boots and Bag: New Look
Skull Ring: River Island
Earrings and Flower Ring: Vintage

Phew! Bit of a long list today! I was trying to go monochrome today but didn't manage it... nothing looked good, either I was going to a funeral or about to serve you food. Anyways, I got some pretty wacky jewellery on today, the rocking horses were from Camden market, they're so cute! The flower ring is the only one that fits on my middle finger and is a little rusty now :( The skull ring it a bit out there for me but it has a lot of memories for me! 

Tonight I'm off out for dinner with a friend of mine, which will be nice coz we don't get to see each other much as she works now so it'll be good to catch up! The only thing I'm worried about is my driving, it's gotten a bit bad recently, well I say bad, it's really bad! I went to fill up today and got back in and my key wouldn't turn, so, of course me being me, I start panicking. Then a car starts queueing behind me and my mum isn't answering her phone. So, like the idiot I am, I went and ask the guy in the car behind for some help! And it was something really simple, my wheel was locked which meant i couldn't start it or something... so embarrassing, the guy was really nice though whilst my cheeks burnt and I looked like I was about to cry, so stupid but at least I've learnt from it now!

Rhiannon xxx  

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bye bye, snow!

Coat: Zara
Jumper, Bag and Top: New Look
Jeans: Asos
Necklaces: (Swallow) accessorize (St.Christopher) Mums

Man am I glad that all that snow has gone! It was just wayy too much. Anyway, today is my longest day out of the week, in at 9 then home at 4:30, it may not sound long but it does drag on! I've recently been reading Lauren Conrad's style book and got to the jewellery bit about layering necklaces, so as I mentioned in my last post how many necklaces I have, might as well wear two at the same time! This coat has saved me from the cold drive to school and freezing classrooms, apparently the school believes that by keeping the building cold that we'll concentrate more.... this is why I bring coat, scarf and gloves with me! Just after I took these pictures I managed to spill juice down my front, so it was pretty lucky that I took them before, I'm always spilling something down me! haha

Hope you're all having a good week, not long left now!

Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My new room!

So you may have read from my other posts that I've recently moved bedrooms after my sister moved out. I've finally sorted out where everything is going to be but there's still a few bits to paint and hang up, but for now here's a few photos. Enjoy!

I've moved from a single bed to a double bed! Yay! I've noticed a lot of difference from the beds, a load more room (obviously!) and more duvet to fight over with my cat! haha

This is actually hallway furniture but I love it coz it's big enough to fit all my dvds and crap in! I bought the lamp recently from wilkinson, for an amazing £12.99! It's such a good store to shop in, they have most of the branded beauty products half price and great home stuff.

I use my dressing table mostly for putting my make up on and sorting out the barnet! It's quite small but has everything that I need. I'm going to sand down and paint the mirror and possibly the chair when the weather is a lot better!

My sofa.. well my sister left it for me! It great to have another place to sit, that sounds weird but you know what I mean! haha most of the time I'm sitting here watching TV or on my laptop. Just to let you guys know that I don't have a weird obsession with buses, I saw the cushion on the right in Primark ages ago and loved it so kept it until I moved in then saw the left on in Primark again and thought I should buy it to match the other one.

My favourite bit about my room! I am a serious reader and these are the books that are keepers and the ones that I'll just keep reading non-stop. I've got a few trinket boxes and candles there too, my sister bought the the mask when she went to Venice on a school trip and the photo is from my prom a few years ago. I've kept all my jewellery on top of the shelves (you can just see from this picture) I have wayy too much, so there's some on the small mannequin, hanging on a heart shape thing with hooks, two ring holders, a earring dish and another necklace hook thing down the side of the shelves! A girl can never have too much jewellery!

Sorry this was a bit of a long post but I couldn't wait to share this with you guys!

Rhiannon xxx

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