Friday, 22 February 2013

Window Shopping

At my sixth form college for all the leavers we have a kinda prom again, but it's more casual! And as today I've been bored out of my mind and trying to avoid doing my essays I've been doing a bit of window shopping for dresses (Always a fun job and never a chore!) 

WARNING: Very very sorry for the poor quality, saving these images from the website has made them come out all blurry :(

Up first is Topshop! Surprisingly I couldn't find anything I really liked on there but this one caught my eye because of the high neck, I just wish my hair would grow a bit quicker as I think it would look lovely with wavy hair.

New Look, always my safe choice for clothes. I quite like the skater dress style, as I have no waist this makes me look like I have one! haha. Plus as it's going to take place around July time, so a summery colour is a must. I'm already thinking about how I'll jazz this up with some jewellery...

Another New Look dress. I've never been one for maxi dresses after trying an unflattering one in H&M once, but I have come round a bit now! It is the most casual out of them all but I think it'll look pretty with some nice jewellery and pretty sandals.

Miss Selfridge have a great collection on at the moment. I've always admired their dresses and spotted this one in their petite section (I don't care if I'm not petite! I love it anyway! haha) Lace is a pretty option for summer dresses and I'm thinking maybe some bright earrings and a necklace to go with it....

Ahh my favourite one from Miss Selfridge! I know I said it's quite casual but I couldn't help adding this one in! So gorgeous, the rubbish photo doesn't do it justice. This is the dress I'd wear if I was going to a masquerade ball but obviously I'm not going to one..... any offers so I can show off this beautiful dress?

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love the first and last ones the best, they're so pretty! xxx

    1. I know... I wish I could buy them all! xxx


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