Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Robin Hood, Robin Hood running through the forest...

That was a reference to Robin Hood as I am in Nottingham (Close to Sherwood Forest)! This will only be a little post as I have no pictures to show you, my boring jumper and converse outfit isn't worth it. So we caught the train up from St Pancras okay, although there were these annoying kids behind us screaming and banging stuff and their mum was sitting there basically ignoring them, even after someone complained, the joys of kids!! Haha Naa love them really... So far we're just popped out to have a look around at the shops and, of course, the obligatory stop in Primark. Definitely can't wait to go back there tomorrow now... I'll most likely buy something despite my 'spending' ban. After midday tomorrow I've got an interview for Nottingham uni with a written test, so wish me luck!!

Have a nice week everyone!
Rhiannon xxx


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