Friday, 15 February 2013

Love My Famalam

Hello all! Did you have a good valentine's day yesterday? Mine was a bit crazy! Sixth form ended early and I had all my media coursework in (hence the reason for a lack of posts this week, I just couldn't squeeze it all in!) and now it's officially half term! Today I've just been lazing about with a friend watching harry potter and eating popcorn, good start I say!

I got the flowers from my 'cat' apparently, I know it was my sister really! She's been at her new house for a few weeks now, so this is obviously a gesture to show that she's missing me! haha I love having flowers in my room, they're pretty and it makes the room smell good too! My mum bought me a few chocolates and I bought her a pot plant. It's all a bit sad really but I think it's nice getting presents from your loved ones once in a while!!

Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday :)

Rhiannon xxx

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