Thursday, 10 January 2013

To brogue or not to brogue?

Jumper: H&M
Top and Brogues: New Look
Jeans: Next
Earrings: Accessorize

As you can see I did brogue! When I first saw these I loved them, and when I eventually got them I hardly worn them which was a shame! So today I wanted shoes that aren't boots, otherwise I get so hot but I didn't want pumps otherwise I'll get cold :( So these are a good in between! I really fancy a really nice brown lace up pair, I've been looking on a few websites but I haven't found any yet... any suggestions guys? Mustard is always a bit of a risky colour to wear but I think team it with blue jeans then it kinda contrasts with it but not so much that it's in your face!

On todays agenda I had sixth form in the morning then some more filming for my music video, which I have hopefully finished with now! The days that me and my friend Katy were free to film always seemed to be the coldest ones! We had a little adventure around the fields near me walking across them all we didn't expect it to be so muddy! We fell over twice, unfortunately I manged to cut my hand on some barbed wire :( No one can't say that I don't suffer for my art! haha 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. lovely blog.

  2. I love mustard and blue together, prettiest combo! Hope your poor hand is alrite :( xxx

    1. Ahh it's not just me then! Thank you :) xx


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