Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #1

So guys today's post is going to be me chatting away about bits and bobs from the news! As I haven't really got anything exciting to show you and I did promise this news post, so here goes:

Obviously a much talked about controversial subject that's been dominating the media for a long while. It came out from the full report that Jimmy Savile had been abusing hundreds of young boys and girls over a 54 year period. I personally think that this shows how corrupt some areas of the system are and what should be changed. I hope that the victims receive some sort of recompense and that people will learn from it.


This image was from 2 years ago but perhaps what we're most likely going to expect this weekend and in the following week! I'm all up for a bit of snow, everyone likes a day off! But I hate it when it turns into ice, making it difficult to get anywhere. To add to it all my sixth form has warned us that there's going to be road works starting on Monday, so it's going to be bloody annoying getting to school and get parked (People should stop passing their tests!) The joys of Monday mornings!


Celebrity Big Brother this year has been turned up a notch, in my opinion. I had heard rumours of Heidi and Spencer entering the house, but thought it was a joke! They are by far one of the most entertaining housemate in Big Brother history! They seem to love stirring up trouble, especially after listening to everyone talking about them negatively. Although I think that perhaps Rylan is going to win as he's so funny and just a great all-rounder, Go Team Rylan!


Kate Middleton's portrait. It's not that bad, I think! They're never going to get an exact match anyway, unless they literally use a photo! People have been linking it to the Twilight films, but I think that's just because of the resemblance to Kristen Stewart. I also heard that people had been saying that the artist has given her 'hamster cheeks'! A little insulting to Kate! There's some funny spoof pictures on The Daily Mail website too!


This is definitely my picture of the week, how awesome is that?! It's a wall of sand and dirt that has been blown across dry areas of land by strong winds in Onslow, North of Perth, Australia. Pretty beautiful, if I say so myself!

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed it all. I'd love to hear some feedback of whether you liked it or not and whether I should carry on with it all!


Rhiannon xxx


  1. I need to watch CBB, love Rylan and Speidi! I have to admit I'm not a fan of the portrait, I think she looks quite old in it. Hope you're doing alrite home alone (I like the little blog makeover too!) xxx

    1. They're the best! That's true...! Thank you :) xxx


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