Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rhiannon's Raving Report #3

 Poor Snowman! Do you think he did it on purpose? Must have hurt! I'm sure you all know about the snow that's hit Britain for the past few days and about all the traffic disruptions that come with it. Fortunately around where I live we have not had loads of snow but enough for the schools to shut and for me to not drive to work today! It's also be reported on the Daily Mail that the snow is expected to last for up until two weeks! Yeah, I think I'm bored of you now snow....

This is the road block preventing access to the gas plant in Algeria where hostages are being held. It's been a very prominent story with the press recently, especially as it's turning more and more violent. I don't know enough about the situation in the middle east and Africa to put across my opinion but I do know about Al-Qaeda and the story revolving around them. It is a very very difficult job in deciding how to go about getting the hostages out alive, and without much information being released to the press, we, as the public, don't receive the full story. Currently on news websites, it says that the hostage crisis has come to an end and fewer than 10 British hostages have remain 'at risk or unaccounted for'. All I know is that in that situation it would take a lot of courage for me to get through that all.

I'd think that most people would recognise this man as Lance Armstrong, seven times winner of the Tour De France and now as the doped up seven times winner of the Tour De France. I strongly believe that people should use their own natural abilities to succeed, however I do understand the pressures of needing to be best of the best. I'm not defending what he did as with that high profile it's inevitable that you'll come tumbling of your pedestal. He is now claiming 'I deserve to be punished. I don't deserve the death penalty' Now the death penalty is another totally different issue which I fully disagree with but yes he does deserve to be punished as he lied and cheated his way through everything. The effects are now perhaps doubts of other sportsmen and women, which is a shame as they've most likely worked their arses off!

You may have seen on another report I did about the Duchess of Cambridge's portrait and how quite a few people didn't like it. Now a portrait of the Queen has been released after being hidden from view for 60 years. This portrait was painted by John Napper in 1952, who has seemed to have given the Queen a rather long neck, to which he himself described it as 'a beautiful painting of a queen, but not this Queen'. John Napper afterwards painted a similar version with a smaller neck which hangs in Liverpool Town Hall. I don't think it's as bad compared to the portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge as he does get the detailing of the dress well!

I shall leave you with a video clip found on you tube about a recent story about a supermarket and their burgers...

Hope you've enjoyed this post today!!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Yay, you got a day off work haha! What I especially hate is how Armstrong sued and bullied those who spoke the truth. xxx


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