Thursday, 24 January 2013

Purple like Barney and an Unconditional Offer!!

Jumper and Top: H&M (Previously my sisters)
Jeans: M&S
Necklace: Present

Howdy all! So today has been a fabby day..... I received an unconditional offer from Brighton college! I did a post the other day about how I got on in the interview and how I was expecting to hear back in about two weeks. Well I received a letter today saying that I've got an unconditional offer and I looked to see when they sent it and it was the same day that i had my interview  so i think I must have made a good impression! So I think that an unconditional means that I'll have a place no matter what happens, so that takes off a bit of the pressure! I'm still going to have a look at a few unis, the ones that are my favourite ones anyway. Basically I can't wait to start now!!

I'm loving a bit of purple recently, this shade feels quite summery, which is what we all need after a drab and boring January. Is everyone else fed up of the snow yet? It's just ice around where I live now, not my best friend. I've fallen over so many times now, that I'll avoid it anyway i can! This necklace is a very special present from a friend of mine, we both spent ages trying to find the best presents for each other and she knew that I like birds so this was the perfect match!

Hope everyone is having a good week :) 

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Your necklace is really pretty! Congrats for getting an unconditional offer! x


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