Friday, 18 January 2013

I think it's definitely going to be a film day...

My outfit today is so boring that there's no point in taking any pictures! At the moment I'm in my onesie as it's so chilly! I did have sixth form this morning and I did go in but they sent us home after an hour, coz most of us live at 10 minute drive out and most of the teachers come from Brighton way so no one fancied staying any longer! Plus the buses were warning of a reduced service so the kids had to leave early anyway. I find it funny that when it snows all the travel goes into chaos and no one can get anywhere, but I do understand why after driving home from school I don't fancy going out again! So, ramble finished, instead of showing you my outfit I thought I'd share pictures from my garden:

The chickens weren't impressed!!

At the moment I am working tomorrow, but I'm hoping that they'll call me and tell me not to come in ,even though I only like 10 minutes drive away! Although last year when it snowed they still made me walk in and shovel snow :( Fingers crossed they don't make me go in!

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow, stay safe! 

Rhiannon xxx


  1. You have chickens?! Wow, how cool. I never ever get a snow day, my work would probably make me come in if it was snowing as high as my door, they would just tell me to jump out of the window or something lol.

    Janine xx

    1. I have 9! Ahh that sucks, I don't really like going out playing in the snow for too long though! haha xxx

  2. I used to love it when school was cancelled because of snow! I hope you get a day off work too. Hope your chickchicks are doing ok in this weather! xxx

    1. haha i wasn't exactly complaining! I didn't :( They're clucking away as usual! xxx


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