Monday, 14 January 2013


My draw is bursting out! haha

Gilet: Charity Shop
Bag: Present
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Asos

Howdy all! Snow is upon us again! Unfortunately there was only a light dusting today so I still had to go to sixth form :( I chose warmth over looking good, hence the reason for this outfit! I was nice and toasty in this, with four layers plus winter coat! This gilet makes me feel a lot more wintery and cosy, which was weird when I saw it in a charity shop a few years ago for £1.50! Bargain!!

All of my lessons were a bit pointless today: Media was just me screaming at the computer for going so slow when I'm trying to edit my music video, my English teacher didn't even bother to turn up then hardly any came to my history lesson so we finished early! Pretty good day actually! Luckily I haven't got any exams this month so just catching up with coursework and revising for my interview for Brighton College next week, eek! Hopefully it'll go okay!

Hope you guys haven't been snowed it yet!

Rhiannon xxx

P.S any feedback on my last post 'Rhiannon's Raving Reviews' would be very much appreciated! 


  1. I love that gilet, I don't think you have sacrificed style for warmth here I actually think you are rocking this look!

    We have had some snow today but then it all went away, boo hoo.

    Janine xx

  2. Your gilet looks cosy, what a bargain! Good luck with the revision xxx

    1. I know, can't resist a good bargin! thank you xxx


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