Thursday, 17 January 2013


Jumper: Primark
Scarf and Necklace: Sister
Jeans: Next
Boots H&M

Afternoon all! Feeling the cold yet? It's bloomin' freezing! At first when everyone else was getting the snow, we had none :( Now there's tons expected tomorrow and Saturday! Can't wait, I'm secretly hoping that work says don't worry about coming in, but I doubt they will! This outfit was just based on warmth, I had so many layers on underneath that I was toasty all day, but I forgot to out thick socks on so my toes were chilly :( It's the worst thing ever to have cold feet and hands, they're the most difficult to get warm!

It turned out that quite a few of my lessons were cancelled today as one the teachers is ill, so I got a bit of work done in the frees. I hope that I can get to school tomorrow as all my work is there and I need it over the weekend! Tonight I'm helping my friend film her music video, but luckily I'm not in it! haha 

Hope you guys are having a good week!

Rhiannon xxx


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