Monday, 31 December 2012

Rhiannon's Best of 2012

I had the idea of compiling a list of events that happened over the past year, so I can look back this time next year and see how everything has changed! Plus I forget everything so this will help me A LOT!

Olympics: Now I'm sure everyone has heard enough about the London 2012 Olympics, but I think it's one of the best events to ever happen to the UK. Others may disagree but, personally, it's made me feel a lot more patriotic and pro-uk! Plus in 30 years to come and I can say that I was alive when the Olympics was held in London, which I think is pretty cool!
The Diamond Jubilee: Oh how I love the Queenie! After the Royal Wedding celebrations, the Jubilee was next on the list in the Royal calendar and she didn't disappoint! My mum is a bit of a royal fan and loves anything to do with them, so we had jubilee party in the Queens honour! The banners went up, Union Jack and Royal style merchandise was everywhere and to top it off the concert exceeded beyond my expectations, well done Barlow!
Dropping down to a sad note. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room in February this year, another icon lost again but her music will live on forever.
I remember way back when Obama's campaign for American Presidency was going crazy in America, I was in New York with my brother and nearly everything and everyone had some sort of Obama logo on them in support. His re-election this year will hopefully make some sort of change in the forthcoming years!
Bradley Wiggins win of the Tour De France, the first ever British Cyclist to ever win it will definitely be remembered!
NASA's Mars Rover landed successfully on Mars late this year, wouldn't it be so awesome if there was another life form on Mars or another planet?!
Oh Lady Sybill! Oh Lady Edith! Oh Lady Mary! They've all been in the wars at Downton Abbey but as it was named Best Drama at the National TV Awards this year it has definitely lived up to it's title!
Adele winning six grammy awards proves that she is and still is one of the best singers
 of all time, after that Rolling in the Deep was on repeat on my ipod for a long while after that!
Overall 2012 has had it's highs and lows but in general it's been a great learning curve for me and hopefully 2013 will live up to its expectations!
I hope everyone has a very happy new year and I'll see you guys on the other side!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. It's great to look back on everything that's happened in the year like this :) lovely post.

    Happy New Year! emmerliejay x

    1. It is isn't it?! thank you! happy new year to you too xx

  2. I love this post, it's great looking back at all the fabiness of 2012! Hope you had a great New Year and that your cold goes away soon xxx

    1. I know! Thank you :) hope you had a good new years too! xx


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