Friday, 7 December 2012


Jumper: Sister's/Asos
Jeans: M&S
*Warning* A lot of plain, jumper outfits are coming up in the next few weeks! I never have the energy to wear something pretty when it gets cold, all I want to do is curl up in bed in my pjs. Not fight my way through the shops to find any good presents! I went after sixth form today to get the majority of the presents and actually came back with most of them. I wrote a list before I came out so it made it so much easier to decide were to go first and what I need. I have quite an obsession with writing lists, I write one every weekend with stuff to do and plan to get them done before the end of it. This weekend I've got:
1) Clean Clive, he's looking really messy but I just haven't had the time, so I'll be pampering him tomorrow!
2) Finish all of my english essay, hopefully shouldn't take that long as we wrote down quite a lot of points in class, but I'll probably get distracted on here and won't finish it!
3) Finish my draft personal study for history, I'm writing about the suffragettes and overall it has to be 3000+ words, so far I've done 700 and that includes the title....
4) Wrap presents, I got a ton today plus all the wrapping paper and fancy bits, so I'm all set to go!
5) Paint my nails, they're in serious need of some TLC and have been neglected for ages. I'm thinking a sparkly red.... something christmasssy!
So I might not be posting for a few days, as you can see from my list I've got a lot of stuff to be getting on with and I've got work both days and my mums birthday! But I will probably be doing a winterlicious tag on sunday!
Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!
Rhiannon xxx
P.S The title is suppose to be an owl sound!

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  1. I wish I was as organised as you! Still very, very behind on my Christmas shopping. Love your jumper, it's so cute! xxx


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