Thursday, 20 December 2012

Minnie Mouse

Cardigan: M&S
Top and Skirt: New Look
Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is doing well! Not too long before Christmas so we can all take that well deserved break...
Today I felt like wearing a skirt as I haven't worn one is ages and of course the day I chose to wear one it rainy and windy! I sat in my car for ages just waiting for the rain to stop until I had to make a dash across the car park to get in! My trusty Roxy brown coat came out and kept me dry and toasty :) This top is actually a crop top so it just tucks into my skirt and I don't wear it that much coz I don't have any high-waisted jeans (something to find in the sales!) The cardigan is dark blue which I bought ages ago and it's so soft coz it's half cashmere and something else really soft! I love love skater skirts, before they came out I didn't wear skirts that much, I only had the tube styles and my bum isn't that nice! haha
It was officially my last day today at sixth form for 2012! We didn't do that much, watched a few films and ate a lot of chocolate. My friend gave my a box of heroes for Christmas but I've opened them already, as they were so tempting, is that bad luck?! I hope not! This evening I'm babysitting for my mum's friend as she's going to her work Christmas do. I've never actually baby sat before by myself, I've done it with friends, so I'm a little bit nervous about what they'll want to do! It's two girls, one is 9 and the other is 7 so I've been printing off loads of Christmas colouring crafty stuff for us to do and I'll probably bring so dvd's over! Hopefully that will be enough, I'll update you guys about how it goes, unless they kill me..... haha
Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love this outfit, you look so cute! I hope the babysitting went well, at least they weren't actual babies so no nappies were involved! xxx


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