Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I've been hibernating......

It's been a little while since I've lasted posted as I've been crazy busy with coursework, work, helping decorate my sisters house and all the usual Christmas stuff! I've actually managed to get my shopping done in 4 shops now, so for me that's pretty good! although I'm terrible at wrapping them, definitely a fight with the sellotape for me over the next few days!
I did get the chance to see Great Expectations at the weekend with the old folks. I've read it in English lessons before and kinda had the gist of the story but my parents had no clue and I swear at one point mum fell asleep! I'm a sucker for love films, especially period genres plus Jeremy Irvine who played Pip wasn't so bad to look at.....
This is my cute advent calender for this year, my mum goes out and buys me and my sister similar ones and then puts it by the door on the 1st and says 'ooh look the postman has got you something!' even though we know it's her every year and the fact that my sister is 25 and I'm 17! I thought I'd also share a present from my friend from when she went to Ecuador last year. It's a little bit of a late Christmas present but then again better late than never! It's handmade and so pretty. I don't have many across the body bags, so this will definitely be a keeper!
Hop everyone is having a good week, not too long until Christmas now!!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Ahh still haven't done all my shopping, panicking now! I so want to see Great Expectations xxx

    1. You've still got a bit of time left! It's really good! Xxx


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