Thursday, 13 December 2012

I have my excuses.....

Hi guys! Sorry I've been away for a little while without much warning! But I'm officially back :)

Coat: Zara
Jumper: Peacocks
Leggings: TopShop
Broken Necklace: Sisters
Boots: H&M
Soo... let the boring outfits begin! I had no energy to put on something nice today, it was -4 when I left the house!! This coat has become my saviour so far this year, some of my classrooms are freezing cold so I keep my coat on! It's such a shame about that necklace, it was quite pretty and it was the first time I've worn it. It fell off as I got out of my car so I guess it's lucky that I didn't loose it around school otherwise I would've never found it!
There are a few reasons why I've been a bit AWOL recently. Number one was I had my driving test this Tuesday, so I was panicking about that, but thankfully I passed! Secondly I've had/still got a ton of work to do before next week and none of it is easy or quick! Thirdly I've been helping my sister decorate her new house, where I end up getting covered in dust after sanding doors down! Fourthly my friend's parents have been away so she's been round a few times and I've been to hers, which has distracted my massively! I think that's all!
Hope everyone has been having a good week and haven't frozen yet! haha
Rhiannon xxx

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