Saturday, 29 December 2012

GHD IV Straighteners

Hi guys! So today I was feeling a bit lazy and wasn't up to do a full blown normal post, which gave me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my new GHDs! Enjoy.
This is my hair normally, I'd say it's kinda in between wavy and curly! It's definitely not straight :( It's always been a bit of a pain to straighten it coz it would stay straight for an hour or so, then slowly and annoyingly start waving back. However whenever I got the chance to use my lovely sisters GHDs my hair would stay straight for ages!
Anyone got any tips for keeping wavy hair straight? Any recommended beauty products would be appreciated :)
This is my hair after straightening it (excuse the no make up face I was working all day!) So a total difference compared to my usual remmington straighteners! I don't think I mentioned where we got them from, they're on amazon and only £79 which is quite cheap compared to their other products. This is one of the basic styles so I didn't expect anything fancy but it still does the job well! Overall I am very happy with the outcome :)
 Anyone else use GHD straighteners? Love them or hate them?
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas! Your hair looks pretty straight, wish I could give you tips but have you SEEN my hair? haha xxx

  2. I think it looks really nice both ways but I am impressed at how straight they got your hair. I have never used GHDs as I have poker straight hair so my big barrel curling tongs are my best friend lol. I don't really have any recommendations of what to use to keep straight as keeping away from straight is my problem, but my friend uses Lee Stafford poker straight products and her hair looks lovely if that helps?

    Janine xx

    1. I'm so jealous that you have straight hair! Hopefully my GHD's will help me now :) My friends use that too, so I think I'll definitely have to try that out now! Thank you :) xx


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