Sunday, 11 November 2012

Yummy Cakes and Crafty Crafts!

Can you say crafty crafts?! Sounds a but strange but it's staying! I mentioned on my last post that me, my mum and sister held a coffee morning this Saturday, we baked cakes, made crafts and collected lots of books and bits and bobs for the raffle to raise money for our local hospice.

My department was the cakes bit! We had a few more round the corner but the picture came out a bit blurry. We asked Waitrose to donate a few cake boxes so people can use them and we ran out straight away but we survived the rest of the time! We counted up how much we got just from the cake stall 
and it came up to £110, with the cakes being 50p each! So we sold and baked loads! The left hand side picture is a few of the crafty bits my mum and sister had made (I'm not the best at stuff like that, it's all too fiddley!) They did so well and the stuff they made was just awesome, mum knitted hats and hot water bottle covers and my sister made all the christmas decorations . the last picture is the knitted people that my mum's auntie made and donated, she gives them to Great Ormond Street Hospital to the children which is awesome! Overall we worked out that we've raised £401 so far and hopefully more, coz we've got a few bits left for the people that couldn't make it. I've loved doing it coz you get a great feeling from it afterwards, plus any of the left overs I get to eat! haha

Rhiannon xxx

P.s is everyone excited about I'm a celebrity get me out of here just like me?!

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